Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    **Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:45am.**

    8:45am - Supervision begins and students enter through the front door if car drop-off or walkers. Bus riders enter through the middle doors. Students wait outside their classroom doors until the 8:50 bell.

    8:50am - First bell rings; all students may enter the building for the day

    9:00am - Final bell rings signaling instruction begins. All students should have their belongings put away and be in their seats, ready to learn


    Lunch/Recess schedule is as follows:

    (lunch/recess schedule will be updated upon the start of the new school year)


    3:30pm - Dismissal bell rings signaling the end of the day


    School grounds are closed to the public from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Students who wish to remain on grounds after school must first report home. After 4:00pm, the school grounds are open to the public for all to visit. If your student walks from home, make sure they time their arrival at 8:45am and not before. There will not be supervision for students arriving before 8:45am.