• Eagle River Elementary offers a Neighborhood pre-k to 5th grade program as well as an Open Optional program. Students who do not reside within this school's neighborhood boundary and those who do not currently attend the school need to apply through the school lottery or zone exemption system using the "Apply" links below. If your child already attends Eagle River Elementary as a result of the lottery, there is no need to reapply each year; they may continue attending until they age out of our school. Lotteries are held twice a year across the district: during the last weeks of March and the week prior to school registration in the fall. After the results of the lottery are released, families have 2 school days (48 hours) to accept or decline their spot. 


    Apply to Eagle River Elementary          Apply to Eagle River Elementary Open Optional Program


    Online enrollment, both pre-enrollment and registration for next school year, can be completed using a mobile device or tablet. Please keep in mind the websites are not designed for mobile devices, so some pieces may be misaligned. Families using mobile devices or tablets can enable the "Desktop Site" option in your internet browser's main settings. 

New-to-District Students

  • ASD offers online Pre-Enrollment for new-to-district families as an alternative to the long, exorbitant enrollment packet previously used. Families can pre-enroll their students from the comfort of their home, at work, or even with a mobile device. 

    Students are considered new-to-district if they

    • Have never been enrolled in the Anchorage school district before
    • Are returning after having left the Anchorage school district to attend another Alaska or out of state district
    • Are incoming kindergartenders that did not attend an official Anchorage School District preschool program


    Before submitting your pre-enrollment, make sure Eagle River Elementary is the school you are zoned for by putting your home address in our School Finder page. If you are not zoned for Eagle River Elementary, families may enter their student(s) into the lottery system, but seats are not guaranteed. 


    **At this time, new student enrollment is closed. Pre-enrollment will be opening for new-to-district students on July 15th, 2024. Staff will be back on July 22nd, 2024 to assist with enrollment.**


    Requirements to Enroll

    To enroll in the Anchorage School District for the upcoming school year, potential students must meet the following requirements and submit the following required documents:

    • Kindergartners must be five years old before or by September 1st
    • First grade students must be six years old before or by September 1st
    • Proof of residency (utility bill, lease, or real estate contract)
    • Immunization records
    • Birth certificates for each student, copies are acceptable
    • For a complete list of necessary documents and requirements, check out ASD's New-to-District Pre-enrollment page.


    Online Pre-Enrollment       


Returning Students

  • Current ASD Transfer Students

    Has your family recently moved and is now zoned for Eagle River Elementary? Transferring from another school in Anchorage School District is an easy process. Families that are changing from one ASD school to another must contact the new school and provide proof of address. (e.g., lease, mortgage, utility bill, etc. Bank statements, phone bills, etc. will not be accepted) After proof of address has been provided, the office staff will initiate the transfer process and inform families of when the student may start. Please inform your student's original school of your intentions before contacting the ERES front office. 


    '24-'25 Online Registration

    Online registration will be open from July 15th, 2024 through mid-April 2025. Families are encouraged to register their student(s) as soon as possible and at least two days before the first day of school. Students enrolled prior to the first day of school will not be permitted to attend. By contract, teachers must be given notice of at least one full school day prior to receiving a new student so they have adequate time to prepare for the student's arrival.


    To enroll your student(s) for next school year, families will need to login to their ParentConnect/Q account. After logging into ParentConnect/Q, click on the student's name you'd like to enroll for next year in the top right. Then, click "ASD Quick Links". From the quick links, there will be a 24-25 Enrollment option to choose. Click this, and after following the prompts and filling out each page, your student will be enrolled for the next school year! Please note that you should still enroll your student even if you plan on going to another school. Often, families are concerned when they have an address that is incorrect or if they have a future enrollment that is incorrect. These issues can be addressed after you have completed the online registration, and students can easily be transferred to another school. 

    ERES front office staff will be available to help with online registration until June 7th, 2024. After June 7th, please contact Elementary Education for assistance. We look forward to seeing you next year!