• National Junior Honor Society - For more information on National Junior Honor Society click here
    • National Honor Society - For more information on National Honor Society click here
    • Student Government - Fridays @10:00 am (see calendar for which Fridays) at the FPCS office.

               Volunteer and serve as a student leader in your school and in your community

               For more information on Student Government click here   

    • Battle of the Books - For more information click here
    • Enrichments - classes, teams, leagues, field trips 

               For more information click here

    • Science Fair - Was awesome! Plan on being a part of this next school year.

               Apply the scientific methof to conduct independent research, assessed by a panel of judges 

    • Spelling Bee -Was great! Plan on having your student/s in 3rd grade through 8th grade students

               Compete in a spelling competition against your fellow students to participate click here to fill out the form and

                submit. More information will be emailed to you. 

    • Poetry Jam - For all ages

              Join in the celebration of the power of words to help us appreciate the beauty and struggles of life.