• How to do SLC (Student Led Conferences)

    1. Find your grade level room and pick a seat.  Welcome your guest to come and sit while you get materials for your conference.
    2. Get a Chromebook from the cart. Log into your Google Classroom and open your website from the Whole School Google Classroom.
    3. State the purpose of Student Led Conferences (Start with your homepage on your website) "During the next 15 minutes I will share with you my strengths and areas I need to improve in my learning."
    4. (Go to the Who I am as a Learner Tab) Review your learner survey and explain the general overview of what boxes you checked and why.
    5. Guide your audience through each page on your website and discuss the items that you added for your classes.  You may also get your binder out, or any journals, if you have physical copies of the work to share. Your audience should feel free to ask questions during this time.
    6. At this time you may raise your hand to have one of your available teachers in the room to come and visit for a few minutes.



    Student Led Conferences are not meant for in-depth conversations with teachers.  Should you wish to speak with teachers in a more formal setting, please feel free to set up an appointment for a later date.  Thank you for your support.



    When you are done presenting on all of your classes, please return your computers to the appropriate cart along with any other supporting paperwork you may have from your classrooms.


    Time for a treat or Random Act of Kindness!