• FPCS Transition

Message from the Superintendent

  • April 6, 2023

    Good afternoon Family Partnership Families and Staff,


    I am writing to make you aware that, effective May 4th, Family Partnership’s governance structure will change from being a correspondence charter school to a correspondence choice school within ASD. Please be assured that this shift will have minimal impact on the fantastic academic program that Family Partnership provides. Student allotments will remain unchanged, the school calendar will remain the same, and families will continue to be able to work with their sponsor teachers to create an individual learning plan that meets the needs of their child. Families will also still have the flexibility to select their sponsor teachers. This change in governance structure will not impact our high school seniors’ graduation and postsecondary plans. There is no action needed for families—your children will continue to be enrolled in Family Partnership.   


    This transition means that the Family Partnership Academic Policy Committee will be dissolved, and going forward, an Academic Advisory Council will be established. The council will empower students, families, and staff to have a voice on decisions that impact the school. 


    Now that the decision has been made to transition to an ASD correspondence choice school, it is time to shift our focus to ensure the continued success of Family Partnership for many years to come, as an ASD family. 


    My commitment to you is to minimize any impact on the classroom experience between now and the end of the school year. I want the rest of the school year to be seamless and successful for you. Even though the current charter contract ends on May 4th, this will not impact the academic programming of our school year. For example, our seniors will graduate from Family Partnership and receive the traditional honors they have worked so hard to earn. I recognize you may have concerns about this transition, but I am committed to partnering with you to ensure the long-term success of Family Partnership.


    You can count on timely updates from Team ASD as well as information posted on the FPCS transition webpage. Topics will include:

    • New FAQs
    • The amendment added by the School Board to the transition recommendation
    • The governance of Family Partnership
    • The move from an Academic Policy Committee model to an Academic Advisory Council model and how you can be engaged.


    Above all, I want you and FPCS to be successful. Your school offers something special and unique to Anchorage. Dissolving the Academic Policy Committee was an unfortunate but necessary step to double down on student outcomes and learning as our focus.


    Again, thank you, and we will get through this together.



    Jharrett Bryantt, Ed.D.SuperintendentAnchorage School District


  • Has the day-to-day operations of FPCS changed?

  • Will families still be able to choose the curriculum that best supports their students? 

  • Will families be able to choose their partner teacher?

  • How will families still have a voice in the school?

  • Will there be any change to student allotments?

  • Where will the funds go after FPCS is dissolved?

  • What would Family Partnership Correspondence School look like?

  • Would the student experience change in any way?

  • What about my allotment and reimbursements?

  • Why is the ASD Administration making this recommendation to the School Board?

  • What about the teachers and support staff, what will happen to them?

  • How about the Principal and FPCS leadership team? What would happen to them?

  • What about next year and the years to come? What will be different?

  • Will we need to re-apply for the new school?

  • What happens to the APC?