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     Highly Gifted Program

    Students in the Highly Gifted program are offered the opportunity to access a differentiated curriculum that challenges a student to further explore their interests.  Upon entering 9th grade students will be scheduled into the following clustered classes: HG English I, HG Social Studies, and HG Biology. Additionally, they will take math, as recommended by their middle school math teacher, and two additional electives.


    In 10th grade students will be clustered into HG English II only and will work with their counselor to schedule their other 5 classes.  At the end of 10th  grade the student will work with the program coordinator/counselor to plan the last 2 years of high with the focus on graduation, college admissions and possible career choices.  Selecting AP coursework or selecting the coursework for the IB Diploma will also be decided at this time.


    Program Philosophy

    The Highly Gifted Program is committed to providing every student with an academic plan that meets her/his unique educational needs.  Students in the Highly Gifted Program (HG program) are offered the opportunity to access a differentiated curriculum allowing flexibility in coursework selections during their four-year plan of study.  This rigorous program yields an impressive number of National Merit Scholars as well as Presidential Scholar candidates. These students are college-bound, ready, and excited to work within a "progressive" educational track.  Homework given in the HG Classes is primarily used to reinforce concepts taught and to promote further investigation of subject matter.


    Eligibility for the Highly Gifted Program

    The eligibility process begins in Fall of the student's 8th grade year. Every middle school throughout the Anchorage School District has a gifted contact person who brings forth the names of students who are eligible to apply to the HG Program at West. The criteria are as follows:  98th percentile or above on tests evaluating cognitive ability and academic achievement tests, with the achievement score current within 3 years of entering high school.  Additionally, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for the first 3 semesters of middle school.