• Student Parking Information


    All student parking permits are issued at the AAFP’s office (formerly FDCC). Students or parents can bring in the items below to get a permit. A permit is not valid until it is placed in the vehicle registered.


    The following must be provided before a permit can be issued:

    *Copy of current vehicle registration

    *Copy of valid insurance

    *Driver’s license

    *West Anchorage High School parking form

    *Proof of online payment, a check made out to ASD, or cash

    *Year permits are $110 and a Semester permit is $55; permists are non-refundable


    The use of a vehicle is a privilege and not a right. This may be revoked for excessive tardies after lunch, unpaid tickets, or dangerous driving on school grounds. All vehicles are subject to search by ASD officials.


    The parking permit must be displayed in the upper corner of the windshield on the driver’s side any time while parked in WAHS student lot or a $25 ticket will be issued.


    *Student parking in is the Auditorium/Gym side lot

    *Students parked in Pool, CTE, Staff, Visitor, or Romig parking lots will be ticketed

    *There is a $10 fee for a replacement permit

    If at any time you are switching to another family vehicle, it is your responsibility to move the permit. Tickets are to be paid in a timely manner


    A student may receive a $25 ticket for each of the following offenses:

    *No valid or expired permit

    *Parked in Staff/Visitor parking

    *Parked in a Fire Lane

    *Not in a parking spot

    *Blocking access

    *Parked in Handicapped parking-without a Handicap permit


    A parking permit can be revoked at the discretion of school officials at any time.


    west parking map