Parking Lot Reminders

  • Morning Drop-off:

    9:45 AM is student drop-off on Mondays for late start Mondays. Please do not drop students off earlier than 9:45. If your family needs to drop off at the regular 8:30 time, please notify the front office.

    Tuesdays-Fridays 8:30 AM is student drop off. Please do not drop your child off at school earlier than 8:30 AM. Students must enter and exit vehicles on the sidewalk side only.


    Afternoon Pick up:

    3:30 PM is student pick up. Please review our Dismissal/Pick Up Expectations so that we can keep everyone safe and have everyone leave in a timely manner.  Students must enter and exit vehicles on the sidewalk side only.


    Also, as parents are picking up students, we kindly ask that you respect the neighbors' property. We have had several homeowners from across the street come to the school to explain their frustration with parents parking in their driveways at the end of the day and/or driving on their grass. They keep a watchful eye out to keep our school and students safe and if we can show them the same respect in return, that would be helpful. Thank you for your help and cooperation.



Traffic Pattern
  • Dismissal/Pick Up Expectations


    Student Expectations

    • Be kind and respectful to all
    • Use crosswalk
    • Actively look for your car
    • Stay on sidewalk and use walking feet (stay off grassy/snowy areas)
    • Oldest student sibling picks up younger siblings, then stay with group in a zone under the supervision of a teacher until your ride arrives

    Staff Expectations

    • Be kind and respectful to all
    • Walk out with your class
    • Check in with each student when releasing
    • Monitor for safety
    • Ensure students are using crosswalk or pick-up/curb lane (outside lane only for loading)

    Family Expectations

    • Be kind and respectful to all
    • Follow the 5 mph speed limit
    • Use turn signal when exiting curbside
    • Use a zipper merging method when leaving parking lot and curbside
    • Curb lane: active pick-up (stay in car)
    • Inside lane: circle and drive back around until a spot is open to pick up students
    • Stay in your car unless parking in the parking lot
    • Leave bus zone clear of cars
    • Use crosswalk
    • Save Handicap spaces for those in need. If you need to leave your car, park in the lot.


    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for additional volunteers to help in the parking lot.  If you are interested in helping, please let our front office know.