• Attendance Counts!


    Williwaw Elementary School strives for a 95% attendance rate for our students.  We know that when students are attendance HEROs, they are Here, Every day, Ready and On-time


    Students who have good attendance are more likely to be more successful in school. 


    Did you know...?


    * Kindergarten and first grade attendance is a major predictor of reading levels in 3rd grade


    * By 6th grade chronic absences are 1 of the 3 major indicators that a student will drop out of high school


    * We need you at school unless you are sick with a fever of 101 or higher, vomiting more than once, or have diarrhea


    * Early release days are just as important as full days; we are still doing academics on 1/2 days



  • Be a H.E.R.O!


    Every day





    We want students to be at school every day.  One incentive that Mountain View, Williwaw, Russian Jack, Chester Valley, Fairview, Ptarmigan, ANCCS, and North Star Elementary has put into place is the Golden Shovel Award.  The Title I school with the best attendance each month will have the honor of hosting the Golden Shovel. 


    Our winners so far are:


    January: Williwaw 

    February: Fairview

    March: Fairview




    Where will the Golden Shovel end up next?

    Follow the ASD Golden Shovel Face Book page.


    Golden Shovel    Shovel