Front Door

  • Between the hours of 9:10 am and 3:15pm, the front doors are locked. Please use the intercom button located on the south wall to notify the office you are waiting to be let in. You will hear a click when the front door is unlocked, you have approximately 6 seconds before it locks again.


  • Bear Valley welcomes visitors and volunteers. If you are visiting ths school please be sure to come to the office first to check in and receive a visitors badge, you may be asked to present ID. Please wear the badge prominently as you move through the building so staff knows you have checked in at the office.

Bus Passes

  • If your student is going to a friend's house or other activity after school on a bus they will need a bus pass from the office. Please send a note with your student to bring to the office before the end of the day with the following information: date, who they are going with and which bus. If it is a bus they normally ride, but a different stop - a note will still need to be sent. This lets the school know they have permission from their parent/guardian. The bus drivers look for these passes, otherwise you run the risk of your child not being able to attend their activity.

Is Your Contact Information Up to Date?

  • Did you change phone numbers, get a new job, move or need to add or drop a contact - please inform the office. It's important we have your current information in case your child is sick, their teacher needs to contact you, they miss the bus, etc. If you move during the school year, please contact the front office immediately and we will work with you to get it updated. Otherwise, you are able to update your contact information in ParentConnect or you can use this form and send it in with your student: Request to Change Information

Cell Phones and Personal Property

  • cell phone Students are allowed to have cell phones at school. The phones must be turned off upon entering the building at 8:50 AM and may not be turned on until exiting the building at 3:30 PM. The exception will be when a teacher gives permission to use the phone as a learning device in the classroom, students must refrain from texting or engaging in personal business during any learning activity permitting the use of personal devices. The student assumes all risk of loss, damage or theft of the cellular phone. Bear Valley Personal Property Policy