Plan for Opening Sports & Activities

  • ASD Considerations When Looking at Risk-level for Sports and Activities

Sports Matrix – Confirmed Case

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    Evaluated Probability Of Transmission

    Assumptions Remarks

    Response Options*

    1 Case

    Low or no risk

    Confirmed case had minimal or no contact time with team/activity members

    • Quarantine individual until confirmed no symptoms/negative test results

    • Continue/sustain team events practice/competition


    Confirmed case had contact time with team/activity members while infectious; possible transmission

    • 24 hour or no suspension

    • Quarantine individuals known or suspected of exposure

    >1 Case on a Team in a 1-4 Day Time Frame


    Increased probability that transmission occurred within the team; additional confirmed cases likely

    • Suspend specific sport/activity; resume when able

    • Quarantine individuals suspected of COVID-19 exposure

    1 or More Cases on Multiple Teams in a 1-10 Day Time Frame

    Low or no risk

    Confirmed case(s) has no contact time with team members. No pattern to inform broader transmission risk or cause

    • Address each case separately (as defined in the 1 Case model)

    Possible/ Suspected

    • Cases within a geographic region or sport/activity

    • Possible common origination

    • Spread likely due to competition(s)

    • Scale may necessitate suspension of activities/transition to high risk

    • Suspend impacted activities/events; resume when able

    • Potentially suspend all organized sports/activities if multiple sports/activities affected; resume when able

    *All confirmed cases will result in impacted parent notification, contact tracing and an investigation.

Schedules and Mitigation Plans

  • Middle School - Fall

    Basketball: Girls

    Jenny Whitt
    Clark Middle School

    Allen Wardlaw

    Cross country running

    Christopher Bernoski
    Central Middle School of Science
    (907) 742-5150 

    Amelita Cadiz
    Wendler Middle School
    (907) 742-7300


    Christian Caldarera
    Hanshew Middle School
    (907) 742-7076

    Bennetta Orchitt
    Romig Middle School


    Jason White
    Goldenview Middle School

    Mike Scott
    Mears Middle School
    (907) 742-6400

  • Middle School - Winter

    Cross country skiing

    Nordic Skiing Mitigation Plan
    Kelly Parsons
    Gruening Middle School

    Basketball: Boys
    Jenny Whitt
    Clark Middle School

    Allen Wardlaw

  • Middle School - Spring

    Track and field
    Brian Hilmes
    Begich Middle School


    Baseball is coordinated by Alaska American Legion Baseball


    Softball is coordinated by Anchorage Sports Association