• All events are charged at all levels except at 'C' team levels; 'JV' when NOT preceding a varsity contest; and where control of the gate is impossible. The home school will admit all competitors, cheerleaders in uniform, coaches and managers of the visiting school without charge.

Admission Info


    Admission ticket schedule:
    Type of Admission Price
    General admission $5
    Students with activity stickers* (away events) $3
    Students with activity stickers* (hockey away events) $4
    Students with activity stickers* (home events) Free
    Students - 7th and 8th grade $3
    Students - 7th and 8th grade (hockey) $4
    Elementary and Preschool Free if accompanied by parent
    *Activity stickers must be presented or general
    admission must be paid for both home and away events

Activity Stickers

  • Activity stickers are $25 each and admit students to certain home athletic contests including those designated at locations which are not on school property, i.e., Anchorage Football Stadium, Boeke Sports Arena, etc. Activity stickers also admit students to contests at other Anchorage schools for $3 admission (hockey events $4). Non-activity sticker holders will be charged $4 ($5 for hockey) or full adult price. Activity stickers may also be used for admittance or reduced rates to dramatic, social, cultural events. Activity sticker use shall be standardized on an annual basis. Activity stickers will not be discounted in any way. Refunds for activity stickers of students leaving school will be $10 during the first semester only. Stickers may be purchased second semester for $15.