Role of the APC

  • As the governing body of Highland Academy Charter School, The Academic Policy Committee (Board) fulfills three main functions:

    Stewardship of the Mission and Vision

    • Establishing and maintaining a clear mission and vision
    • Ensuring adherence to the spirit of the charter
    • Seeking and acting on data on student growth and achievement
    • Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the academic program
    • Setting Board goals accompanied by self-evaluation and accountability

    Financial Oversight

    • Ensuring clarity of discretionary spending
    • Approving purchases over $2500


    Long-Term Planning

    Our 2020/2021 APC evaluation results highlighted the following areas of growth for the APC:  

    • Family Involvement 
    • Student Progress and Principal Performance
    • Collaborative Protocols and Productivity

    Here are our 2022/2023 goals in these areas: 

    Family Involvement

    Highland Focus Area: Career and Service Learning 

    Goal Area Description 


    The Board involves families and the community in support of the school vision.

    1. Enhance communication and visibility between APC and  families; provide opportunities for family and APC engagement at school events.

    2. Work with Phoenix Rising - the primary tool for new student recruitment for 2022.

    3. Work with Nicole to complete School Biz Partnership (SBP) profile and identify possible partnerships by Jan. 6.

    4. Host 2-4 community-family work-sessions or events to include: 

    a.) postsecondary awareness and planning information for all career pathways

    b.) facility improvements


    Highland Focus Areas: Academics, Accountability 

    Goal Area Description


    The Board measures student progress and principal performance.

    Increase awareness of student performance.

    Committee Protocols and Productivity

    Highland Focus Area: Character Development 

    Goal Area Description


    The committees of the Board will become increasingly effective in meeting objectives, sharing information with the Board as a whole, and subsequently executing plans.


    Highland’s APC will develop, refine and use common procedures to conduct and  report committee work.

    Highland’s APC will increase the capacity of its members to use targeted collaborative tools to further committee work.


    Collaborative Compact

    Board Self-Evaluation 2016-17‌

    Board Self-Evaluation 2015-16