School Attendance Procedures

  • Notification of an absence/admit slip

    • Call that day, before 10:00 A.M. at 742-3609
    • Send a detailed note or bring your child to the Front Office for an Admit Slip the next day, ONLY if you have forgotten to call the day of the absence.

    Morning tardiness/admit slip

    • It is the responsibility of the child and family to get their students to school on time. The first bell rings at 8:00 and the tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m. It is a common courtesy to the teacher to be on time.
    • Phone early, provide a signed note, or come into the Front Office explaining the reason for the tardy. Never send your tardy child directly to class. Your child needs an Admit Slip from the Front Office to get into class.
    • Excessive tardiness, whether excused or not, may result in detentions and/or In-School Suspension. 

    Pre-arranged absence

    • If you plan to be away 3 or more days, coordinate with teachers for procedures to complete work. 

    Blue Pass (official pass to leave school)

    • Preferably send a detailed note with your child to exchange for a Blue Pass, before Period 1, the day of the appointment.
    • Please avoid making appointments during tests and finals and/or showing up at the last minute.
    • Students leaving school with a Blue Pass must check in with the office before they leave the building.
    • Students leaving school without a Blue Pass are considered truant.

    Automated Attendance Notification System

    • Calls and/or emails will be sent daily from ASD Data Processing Center, for students showing one or more absences for that day.