•  Sports & Activities

    There will be a limited number of sports offered on an intermural basis--please call 742-3612 to find out what is being offered

    The Anchorage School District Middle School Activities Handbook is the overriding authority over sports and activities.  It can be found online at: https://www.asdk12.org/activities/


    “Although winning in sports is a major objective and a tremendous motivating force, it is not considered to be the goal of athletic participation [at middle school].  More important than winning are the changes that take place in the participant, in the nature of becoming a more useful and loyal citizen, in the desire to achieve excellence, in living a more healthful and purposeful life, in the respect for the dignity of others, in the willingness to make a personal sacrifice for the benefit of the team, and in living by a high code of conduct.  These become the more lasting benefits of athletic participation for the individual.”  (Section 2, page 7, Activities Handbook)


    Interscholastic Sports

    Interscholastic Sports include seven interscholastic sports: cross-country running, wrestling, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, cross-country skiing and track & field. These sports compete against other middle schools in the school district. A sports physical, participation form and activity fee are required for participation.   


    Cross-country Running Monday, Aug 21st 

    Boys’ Basketball Monday, Aug 21st

    Co-Ed Baseball TBA (Outsourced Sport)

    Volleyball Monday, Oct 16th

    Wrestling Monday, Jan 8 th 

    Girls’ Basketball Tuesday, Jan 9th 

    Cross-country Skiing Thursday, Jan 11th  

    Track and Field Monday, Mar 4th  

    Girls’ Softball TBA (Outsourced Sport)


    Sports Equipment or Clothing:  Some athletic equipment is lent to students for the season free of charge. Should you lose, damage, or fail to return athletic equipment, a replacement cost will be charged. Replacement cost is the cost to replace the item at today’s price.


    Interscholastic Participation and Eligibility Requirements


    To be eligible to participate in the middle school interscholastic activities program, a student must fulfill all requirements listed below:

    Be currently enrolled as a full-time student of the Anchorage School District;
    Be in good standing;
    Pay participation fee per sport ($110 with a 2 sport cap) or be eligible for a sports fee waiver;
    Have a current physical on file in the office.  Please note that a CURRENT PHYSICAL IS REQUIRED FOR ALL SPORTS.  PHYSICALS ARE ONLY GOOD FOR EIGHTEEN MONTHS FROM THE DATE THAT THE PHYSICAL WAS TAKEN. Physical must be valid until the end of the season.
    Have an Activity Participation Form signed by a parent/guardian for each sport.  Included in the Activity Participation Form is a parent’s consent for emergency treatment, which must be signed and on file, and participation guidelines must be acknowledged.  Also, the parent/legal guardian must sign and file a release of the District and assumption of financial responsibility in the event of injury.
    Athletic participants must have ten (10) days of practice [in that sport at GMS] before they are eligible to participate in a competition.
    In order to practice or play in a game, a student must be in attendance a minimum of one-half day (3 or 4 periods depending upon the school schedule), except for extenuating circumstances approved by an administrator.


    Any student who is still participating after the date of the first contest, in which that student could have competed is NOT eligible for a refund. (Section 2, page 13, Activities Handbook)



    Intramural Participation and Eligibility Requirements

    Intramural Sports TBD and do not compete across the district, but do still require a sport physical, participation form, but no fee.



    To be eligible to participate in the middle school intramural activities program, all of the above must be observed with the exception of the participation fee.  (Section 2, page 14, Activities Handbook)



    Practice means that a student is at practice on time, dressed out, and ready to actively participate in the sport.  Students who cannot physically practice due to a temporary medical condition or injury should not be at practice.  Just “being at practice” does not count towards the 10-day mandatory practices before a competition.


    Away Meets/Contests

    Any time GMS athletes are competing at a school other than Gruening, they absolutely must be signed out by a parent/guardian to ensure accountability of all our student athletes.  Failure to do so will likely result in a team-sanctioned, pre-determined, established disciplinary action. If there is an extenuating circumstance where a student cannot be picked up by a parent or guardian, other arrangements must be made with GMS administration prior to the day of the meet or contest. A student will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than a parent/guardian listed on the emergency contact list in Q.  Please do not put any coaching staff in this very uncompromising position.