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    Gruening MS Earthquake Repair and Improvements – $39,300,000


    Bond work at Gruening Middle will extend the school's life expectancy by 25+ years.


  • Bond Work at Gruening

    Design and construction funding for building-wide earthquake damage repairs, seismic upgrades and building, security, and educational improvements.


    Earthquake recovery and educational improvements to Gruening are divided into three levels: 

    A) earthquake-caused damage repairs;

    B) earthquake mitigation, seismic improvements and roof replacement;

    C) security, efficiency, mechanical/electric, and environmental improvements.

  • Level A ($10.7 million) – Earthquake Damage Repairs. (FEMA Reimbursable)

  • Level B ($13.2 million) – Seismic Improvements and Roof Replacement

  • Level C ($15.4 million) – Safety, Security, Efficiency, Environmental Improvements