• Frequently asked questions regarding intensives:


    Question #1:  What is an Intensive?  This unique class allows students the opportunity to engage deeply within a specific subject area and complete a quarter credit elective class in just two weeks.


    Question #2:  Is this a mandatory class?  The answer is yes, this is a part of the Steller Secondary curriculum.  Each school within the Anchorage School District offers 180 days as a school year.  Intensives are included in that 180 days. This is also one of the key benefits of attending Steller Secondary.  Our quarters and semesters are made shorter so that we can included this benefit for students to participate in area of study they would not normally get to participate in.  Intensives also allow our students the opportunity to travel for credit and participate in humanitarian efforts throughout the world.


    Question #3:  When are Intensives and how does my child sign up for them?  Intensives are held at the end of each semester. Students will be informed of sign up dates in their Advisory classes.  Signups will take place online during Advisory.


    Question #4:  How and when do I pay for Intensives?  If your child is enrolled in a class that requires payment (yes, there are Intensives that are FREE), payments will be made on Zangle/Q ParentConnection.  Payments are NOT currently set up. We will email you at a later date when Zangle/Q is set up for Intensive payment.


    Question #5:  Are there scholarships or fee waivers available?  Steller Parent Group offers scholarships and fee waivers to students in need of financial assistance.  Waiver forms are available in the front office.