• STANDARD 2: Professional staff members implement high quality STEM courses and curriculum aligned to recognized standards and organized into interdisciplinary frameworks.


    At Campbell STEM we believe that integrating STEM into our school is important. It is important that our curriculum makes connections across all disciplines in all grades, PreK - 6th grade. Students participate in STEM learning throughout the day. Students participate in a STEM day each quarter. During this day, students explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students implement the Engineer Design Process throughout the day to solve problems. Students also explore and work in collaboration. They problem-solving to prepare them for a career and college. Students participate in Makerspace. During Makerspace, students integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in content areas, specials, and Alaska Computer Science and Digital Literacy standards. Lessons are aligned with Alaska state standards. Campbell STEM students participate in FabLab. FabLab focuses on Campbell STEM students reaching their full potential by providing culturally themed STEM units. FabLab fosters student interest in these fields, leading them to increase their continued interest and to pursue educational opportunities.

    FabLab CITC Website: https://sites.google.com/view/akfablab/units/cbi-units)


    Campbell STEM students are provided with opportunities to learn in a STEM Lab. Campbell STEM has two STEM Labs: (1) technology based and (2) project based. Students explore learning through technology and solve real-world problems using the Engineer Design Process. Students share their learning with others through showcases. 


    STEM lessons are planned by looking at the state standards that build into an essential question resulting in a planned outcome. Lessons include state standards across all content areas and specials, enhancing rigor and inquiry-based learning opportunities for students.


    Campbell STEM uses a Walkthrough Rubric to assess lesson engagement, connection to solving real-world problems, Engineer Design Process implementation, and STEM integration.


    STEM Classroom Walkthrough Rubric

    Evidence: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J4sustLOEfTSFYEudaWx3gMmZmqm9uvUm1eCGLd7DHw/edit?usp=sharing