• STANDARD 5: Leaders ensure that all stakeholders have ongoing opportunities to access information and learn about STEM implementation.


    Campbell STEM Elementary staff worked in collaboration with feedback from stakeholders to establish a mission, vision, goals and collective commitments. The Campbell STEM Elementary staff communicate these to students, families, and the community verbally, in writing, and through various social media platforms. They are also shared during our morning announcements, STEM Council Meetings and Family Information Meetings. Feedback from stakeholders was collected after our Family Information Meetings.


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    Staff Trainings:


    Mission: The Campbell STEM Mission is to Support, Teach, Empower and Motivate.


    Vision:  Our vision is to build a community by creating a positive learning environment that thrives through STEM instruction and prepares students for a continuously changing world.


    School Goals: Ensure all students receive a rigorous interdisciplinary STEM education. 

    • Build future innovators by creating joy in discovery and understanding.
    • Establish and foster connections within our community locally, across our state, and around the world.


    Our Collective Commitments:

    Our Collective Commitments

    • To unite the community through communication and connection
    • Students will be able to demonstrate perseverance to prepare for and face challenges in life.


    Behaviors to Engage In

    • We will commit to providing opportunities for student collaboration.
    • We will commit to teach, model, and foster perseverance while maintaining high expectations.
    • We will offer opportunities for the community to be part of our STEM learning during classroom instruction and/or after-school activities.
    • We will keep students, families, and the community informed about Campbell STEM events and learning.


    Campbell STEM students host showcases bi-weekly, inviting the school, family members, and community. During these events, our school's mission is shared and observed in action.


    Campbell STEM staff are a part of various district initiatives where they share STEM instruction and integration. Campbell STEM staff supports several after-school programs, including Innovators Club, CITC FabLab, after-school tutoring, Good News Club, Battle of the Books, Cooking Club, Running Club and various STEM Fitness Clubs.


    Our PTA meets monthly to support Campbell STEM initiatives. The information is shared through the School Newsletter and social media. Our school STEM Counsel consisting of students and adults meets twice per month, serving as ambassadors for STEM opportunities within our school and community.


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