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Willkommen to the 2022/23 school year!

Liebe Rilke Parents / Guardians,

Willkommen to the 2022/23 school year!  Our volunteers and staff have been hard at work preparing our school for the arrival of 1st thru 8th grade on August 18th and kindergarten on August 25th. Please find important information about the start of the school year below:

If you have not registered your child please follow this link to sign into the ASD Q Parent Portal. Once in, click on the ASD Quick Connect at the top and select the red registration tab. After you are complete, double check the registration tab. It will turn green when you've completed the process with all necessary information.

Class Lists:
Class rosters will be posted in the gymnasium on the first day of school where students line up to meet their teachers. 1st-8th grade parents can also check ASD's Q Parent Connect for schedules, which will be posted as our front office staff continues with the process of scheduling. We are thrilled to be welcoming 470 students to Rilke Schule this year, but the process takes time and class lists are not finalized until just minutes before being posted. We appreciate your patience. Vielen Dank!

School Supplies:
Good news. There is no need to shop for school supplies in advance of school this year. Students should come prepared to learn on Day 1, but teachers will distribute any class specific supplies that are necessary for the year during the first week of school. See Supply Fee below.

Before and Afterschool Clubs:
Rilke Schule, Inc. (RSI) operates Rilke Clubs - a before and after school program. These are operated separately from the school and require separate registration.

Weekly Schedule:
Monday-Thursday 8:15am-3:00pm
Friday 8:15am-1:45pm

Students bid Tschüss (goodbye) to parents/guardians and gather in Rilke Schule's gym between 7:45-8:05 am.
Teachers pick up students from the gym at 8:05 am and proceed to their classrooms.
Students are in their seats and ready to learn at 8:15 am

August 18th- First day of school 1st-8th grade
August 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd-  Kindergarten conferences
August 25th- First day of Kindergarten:
Tears and Cheers 8:15 am - 8:45 am Gymnasium (Kindergarten Parents)
Schultüten 2:00 - 3:00 pm Gymnasium (Kindergarten Students/Parents)
August 30th - Rilke Schule Open House, 5:30 - 7pm
September 5th - Labor Day- No School
September 12th - Fall Picture Day

Open House:
Tuesday, August 30th is the annual open house from 5:30 - 7 pm. Teachers will be in their rooms to share plans for the school year and field general questions. Student specific questions can be addressed via email or pre arranged meeting. Rilke parent groups will also be set up to share ways you can help our community.

Dress Code:
Rilke will be returning to dress code enforcement. Please review the school dress code and help your children meet the Rilke Dress Code Policy on a daily basis. Rilke wear can be ordered at the following web address-

Activity/Supply Fee:
At the beginning of every school year Rilke Schule collects an Activity Fee of $125 for each student. These funds contribute to additional enrichment activities, field trips, specialized art projects, unique musical instruments and culturally relevant projects.

This year the Rilke APC approved to substitute the schoolwide supply list with a $50 per student supply fee. This fee would cover traditional communal school supplies (paper, pencils, scissors, crayons, glue, etc.) which the front office will purchase on an as needed basis to eliminate waste and preserve precious storage space. Students should still bring personal items like gym shoes, art shirts, water bottle, backpack, Federmappe, etc. Teachers may have student specific supplies they will share during the first week of school.

Payments should be made with a credit/debit card under your Student’s "Q" log in

Steps to pay your online fee:
Log onto “Q”/Parent Connect
Choose ASD Quick Link (under student picture)
Choose Online Payments or if you have two or more students in the district, click on the blue arrow to the left of the student picture
Choose Activity Fee from the drop down menu
Click Add to Cart and make payment

Please contact the front office for your "Q" pin and password if you do not have it at:

If you have already paid your fees, thank you! If this is a hardship for your family, there is a waiver fee process. Please contact Herr Strauch for the waiver application form.

Rilke Schule is a cold lunch only building. Please make sure your student(s) come prepared with a cold lunch, water bottle, and snacks daily. Please note, microwaves are not available for student use. Along with adopting a healthy eating nutrition policy, Rilke Schule is challenging families to step away from single use utensils and move toward reducing our daily waste. Please note Rilke Schule does not provide utensils or paper-ware. Please watch for Rilke branded reusable utensils coming to the logo shop soon!

Recess is an important part of the student day and all students are expected to attend recess daily unless accompanied by a doctor's note. Please make sure your child comes to school prepared for the daily weather changes we see throughout the day.  Unless there is a downpour or -10 degree temperatures, students will be going outside.

Excuse Your Child’s Absence through Q/ParentConnection!
How to video:

There’s a new feature in Q/ParentConnection that you can also access from the ASD mobile app! Look for the Attendance Manager icon when you log into the ASD app. Parents/guardians can excuse an absence through the ASD App up to three days prior and three days after the absence for the following reasons: illness, medical, or religious.

If you know your student will be absent for reasons not listed previously, please complete the Pre-Excused Absence form and email it to the front office:

Important: You will also need to email their teachers directly and give plenty of notice in order for them to prepare make-up work during the absence.

Parking Lot Safety:
Please follow all safety procedures and traffic rules for arrival and dismissal:
Safety is the top priority at Rilke Schule. It takes all of us to ensure the safety of all staff, students and parents/guardians during arrival and dismissal.


+ALWAYS use the crosswalk and pay attention to the crossing guard for safety.

+Be patient during arrival and dismissal times. Traffic violations have been observed during both times.

+Remember, "Rilke takes Right" - take a right out of the parking lot, as this will help traffic flow and speed up dismissal time. See attached map.

+Do not take a left out of the school parking lot during dismissal and drive on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

+Feel free to park and walk to the sides of the school to pick up your student(s) during dismissal. This may be a quicker dismissal for many families.

+Do not enter the exit side of the parking lot.

+Please do not use your cell phone while operating your vehicle on school grounds.

+Stagger your pick-up time to ensure a smooth dismissal traffic pattern. Rilke recommends that K - 2 students get picked up at 3:00 p.m. - 3:05 p.m., 3rd - 5th grade students - 3:05 p.m. - 3:10 p.m., and 6th - 8th grade students at 3:10p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

We are in need of volunteers daily from 10:45 - 12:30 to help in the lunchroom or recess and well as from 7:45 am - 8:15 am and 2:55 pm - 3:15 pm to work as crossing guard.  If you can only help for 15 minutes one day, or the whole time everyday, your time would be greatly appreciated. These high need duties are worth double volunteer hours.  Please contact the front office for further details or to volunteer.

What if…
What happens if my student forgets their… coat, lunch, water bottle, gym shoes, homework or favorite pencil??

Any items delivered to the school need to be placed on the cart inside by the front office entrance. Be sure to put full name and grade on the item for delivery when staff has time. PLEASE put a first and last name on all personal belongings in order to get them back to the student if lost.

To contact Rilke RSV/PTO email:
To contact Rilke APC email:

We are glad you are here as part of the Rilke family and look forward to a terrific school year. Please let us know if you need assistance, we are here to help. Thank you for supporting Rilke Schule.

Rilke Schule
Front Office