Activity and Supply Fees / Aktivitäten und Vorrat Gebühr/Materialkosten 

  • Rilke operates on a tight budget as a charter school, whereas roughly 80% of the budget goes to staff salaries and the other 20% goes to renting the facility. This is why the annual activity and supply fees are so important to provide the school with the materials needed to foster an enriching learning environment. With that in mind, the activity and supply fees can be paid beginning in August. They can be paid at any point in the school year, but we would greatly appreciate it if they were paid in the 1st semester. 


    Payments can be made with a credit/debit card under your Student’s "Q" log in


    Activity Fee: $125 

    The activity fees pay for field trips, guest speakers, buses, and other special class activities. 


    Supply Fee: $100

    The supply fees pay for classroom supplies like colors, paper, glue, pencils, scissors, folders, containers, and other materials for instruction. It also covers teacher supplies like paper, post-its, expo markers, paper towels, tissues, pens, and other supplies needed for instruction. Lastly, the supply fees are used for schoolwide supplies for art, P.E., music, and copypaper. 


    Personal Items / Personliche Dinge

    Students will still be responsible for backpacks, binders, lunch packs, water bottles, gym shoes, art shirts and other personal items that go back and forth between home and school. Thank you for your support. We could not provide an engaging learning environment without your help.