• Building a Partnership

    • working together

      STEP 1 – Register your organization on our SBP Connect system. Complete a profile for your organization by assigning a user to manage the information about your organization. You will be able to determine how you would like to interact with a school, schools or the district and list the opportunities for which you are willing to volunteer and/or support. Your information is submitted for review.  


      STEP 2 –Once you receive an approval email (check your spam folder) you can design your business profile with your company logo and let the education community know how you want to be involved. This is an opportunity to connect with your school’s coordinator or the SBP Executive Director to learn more about SBP Connect and SBP. Schedule a meeting with the school principal and outline your partnership expectations.  


      STEP 3 – You can search through our on-line business toolkit and resources. We’ve included the link to the ASD volunteer paperwork which is required by ASD. Be sure to check the platform occasionally for updates on the system as we are growing and adding new information each week! Not seeing an opportunity that fits your business’ mission? No problem, you can make a custom offer directly to a desired school(s), grade level or to the entire district. You can also reach out to a school coordinator, principal, or the Executive Director to schedule a meeting to talk about partnerships for more information! 

    Current Partnerships



    • If you are interested in being involved, please contact:

      Colette Moring
      Executive Director
      (907) 742-4524.

    Business Documents


School Business Sponsors

  • Rilke Schule is pleased to announce Anchorage School Business Sponsors with the following businesses:



    Girls Scouts of Alaska                       Amity Institute                          Big Brothers, Big Sisters

    girlscoutsalaska.org                           amity.org                                    donate.bbbsak.org




    West Berlin Restaurant                Goethe Institut                                  Twin Cities German

    @Westberlinanchorage                 www.goethe.de                                  Immersion School




                         Pure Barre Alaska Logo               Truog Consulting Logo

    SamstagsSchule                                 Pure Barre Alaska                         Truog Consulting 

    German Language Learning              www.purebarre.com                     truogconsulting.com



    Chair 5 Restaurant Logo                Basecamp Eatery                     Midnight Sun Smiles

    Chair 5 Restaurant                    Basecamp Eatery                              Midnight Sun Smiles 

    chairfive.com                              www.basecampeatery.com             www.midnightsunsmiles.com



     Alaska Family Dermatology Logo                   USI Logo              MCG Explore Design Logo

    Alaska Family Dermatology               USI                                             MCG Explore Design 

    akfamilyderm.com                               www.usi.com                           exploredesign.com