• Our Mission and Vision


    To produce engaged world citizens and lifelong learners in both English and German.

    To be the premier K – 8 German Immersion school in the nation and a top-rated Alaskan school.


    Rilke Values


    Respect – Respekt

    Integrity – Integrität

    Leadership – Leistung

    Kindness – Kameradschaft

    Excellence – Einsatz


    We value our students and their productive learning environment.

    We value our staff, which facilitates the productive learning environment.

    We value our freedom to self-govern and innovate as an immersion and charter school.

    We value our love of learning and the German culture.

    We value our financial and program sustainability.


    Our Goals


    Expand learning opportunities for our students. 

    Develop and retain effective staff for student achievement. 

    Empower the Rilke Schule community’s ownership and involvement in its success. 

    Promote global citizenship through learning about German-speaking culture.

    Advocate aggressively for our school.


    Our Priorities