Prospective Parents

  • Rilke Schule is a tuition-free K-8th grade Charter school that is part of the Anchorage School District. Charter schools offer alternative teaching methods or curricula different from regular public schools. In our case, students are immersed in the German language for half of the school day. Visit the Curriculum page for more information. If you have any questions about our program, please call us at (907) 742-0900 or send us an email at



Why Rilke Schule?

    • Uniqueness: The entire school (ALL students, faculty, and staff) participates in the immersion into the German language and culture and the program spans elementary and middle school.
    • Learning a foreign language develops basic skills such as communication, listening, and memory, which are beneficial for your child’s English language development.
    • Rilke Schule hosts intern teachers from German-speaking countries during the school year. The intern teachers assist in our German immersion classrooms and are hosted by the Rilke families. Our community of teachers, students, staff, and families greatly benefit from this cultural exchange. For more information, visit our Internship page.
    • We celebrate major German holidays and traditions both during school and after school events.  
    • Rilke Schule has two partner schools in Germany: the Schiller Schule in Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt), and the Rabanus-Maurus Gymnasium in Fulda. Rilke students have the opportunity to develop friendships with pen/e-mail pals and the upper grades can participate in an exchange program.
    • SamstagsSchule - Saturday German Classes are offered in the evenings and weekends for parents and community members who want to learn or are interested in the German language.
    • We made the grade!  Rilke Schule has passed its AYP testing every year, and for the past two years has been rated five out of five stars with the new rating system.
    • Rilke Schule is officially recognized by, and has received financial support from the German government.


    Interested in Rilke Schule? You are welcome to come and have a tour of our school. Please call the school at 742-0900 and set up an appointment. Individual tours are preferred as large groups disrupt students and teachers. To find more information about tours, go to Visit Your School.


Lottery Applications and Admission

  • Rilke Schule participates in the Anchorage School District Lottery. See Registration Information to learn more or visit Apply to enter the lottery for Rilke Schule.


Before and After School Activities

  • Rilke Schule, Inc (RSI) is our non-profit that operates Rilke Clubs, our before and after school program. For more information visit Clubs - RSI.

Rilke Schule Verein (RSV)

  • The Rilke Schule Verein is the parent, teacher, and community organization (PTO). They host many cultural events throughout the year and more activities. You can find additional information and how to become involved at RSV | PTO.