• The Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences follows the Anchorage School District adoption of the Common Core State Standards in all subjects. The standards for German are based on the National Foreign Language Standards, which include the Alaska and ASD world language standards. You can learn more about the Anchorage School District curriculum programs at Students in grades 4 through 8 are administered both the American Association of Teachers of German assessment exam and the A1, A2, and B1 exams produced by the Federal Republic of Germany. Students who perform well enough on the B1 are eligible to attend Junior College in Germany free of cost.


    Assessment and Grading

    Each student’s math and language arts skills are assessed to determine proper academic individualization within the program. To determine placement, assessments provided by the publishers of textbooks will be used. Rilke Schule faculty is actively involved in the Anchorage School District RTI (Response To Instruction) Initiative. In so doing, students are routinely assessed in both Language Arts and Math and parents receive AIMSweb reports. Rilke Schule also participates in all Anchorage School District standardized testing. Testing dates can be found on the Anchorage School District website. Individual student progress is tracked and attention from an intervention specialist is utilized when a need has been identified. Additionally, among the many club offerings is an Academic Support club that meets once a week. Students are assessed regularly, using both oral and written assessment tools. The staff and the APC review the overall results of both the standardized tests and the German assessments to determine how the program can be improved.


    Kindergarten instructors provide a narrative along with a developmentally based report card. All other grades receive report cards from the ASD district-wide Q/Zangle system


    Grades By Level

    Grades 1-3

    Grades 1-3 receive effort and academic grades and they are entered as O, S+, S, S-, and N. The equivalent to those letter grades would the following:

Reading and Math Require a Level Grade

Grades 4-5 receive academic grades based upon the A, B, C scale. These students also receive an effo

Reading and Math Require a Level Grade:

Grade 6 math grades are academic, effort, and level grade of 1, 2, or 3.

PE, Art, and Music

  • PE gives effort only grades on the O, S, N scale Art gives effort grades on the O, S, N scale in K-5; A, B, C grades for 6-8 Music gives an effort grade on O, S, N in K-3; effort and academic in 4-6, just academic in 7-8


  • Grades 1-3

    Students receive effort grades (O, S, N) in all subjects that are taught in German.


    Grades 4-5

    Students receive effort grades (O, S, N) and academic grades (A, B, C).


    Grades 6-8

    Students receive academic grades only.