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New principal assignments announced for 2016-17 school year

July 28, 2016

Several new principal assignments for the upcoming school year were recently announced.

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National Merit® Scholarship winners

July 18, 2016

This news release is shared on behalf of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

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Charter school changes name to Highland Academy

July 13, 2016

Name change reflects school’s philosophy.

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ASD statement on state education funding

June 29, 2016

The Governor’s vetoes put forward today reduce state funding to ASD by about $5.4 million, with a true impact of about $4 million to the district’s General and Transportation funds as well as associated grants. 

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Graduates, it has been an honor to be part of your journey

May 24, 2016

A letter from Superintendent Ed Graff

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Aug 5

Countdown to Kindergarten

Join us for fun, hands-on activities for your future kindergartener.

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Aug 10

Countdown to Kindergarten

Join us for fun, hands-on activities for your future kindergartener.

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Aug 11

Countdown to Kindergarten

Join us for activities in the park.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Mrs. Allen at Lake Hood Elementary! Mrs. Allen is compassionate and caring. She truly teaches each student in her class how to be the best person they can be. She is a natural teacher who knows how to incorporate SEL in all activities. Her genuine love for her students shows daily. Mrs. Allen goes above and beyond in her daily teachings to best fit every child's needs. Her calm, positive attitude towards everyone is amazing. She is a role model not only for her students, but colleagues and parents as well. I am so thankful my daughter had her as a teacher this year and built her love for learning. Thank you Mrs. Allen! 

    - Kris Hunt , parent

  • Quyana to Anne Ogden at Eagle Academy Charter School! Anne, it's been a year of tremendous growth in James.  I'm amazed at how far he's come and what kinds of goals he's set and achieved!  I know that you have added greatly to his math and language arts foundation.  He has amazed me with his leaps and bounds.  I'm in awe of where he is in reading.  You know that when he starts reading the back of the toothpaste tube, while brushing his teeth, he has a great desire to read.  Thank you for the drive you have given him to continue reading and writing and to start learning those multiplication tables.  Thank you for your patience with his wondering and funny personality, but most of all thank you for your love of teaching and encouragement to keep him moving forward.

    - Barb Krafft, parent

  • Quyana to Susan Kessler at Eagle Academy Charter School! Thank you so much Susan for all you do at EACS.  Your calm and kind words show how much you love the kids and your job.  Not everyone gets to see what you do each and everyday, but I have, and I truly admire how patient you are, especially on the crazy days.  Thank you for all you do that is seen and unseen.  Thank you for loving on the kids and helping them to grow.  Thank you for being a such a positive part of James' first grade (and kindergarten) experience.

    - Barb Krafft, parent

  • Quyana to Ms. Reed, Mr. Martinson (Mr.Shore), Frau Senden, Ms. Armstrong, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Williams at Chugiak High School!   Quyana to Ms. Reed, Mr. Martinson (Mr.Shore), Frau Senden, Ms. Armstrong, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Williams at Chugiak High School! Happy last day of Teacher Appreciation Week!  I wanted to extend my utmost appreciation to my son's teachers, in his class schedule order:  Ms. Reed, Mr. Martinson (and Mr. Shore during the time he substituted in Concert Band), Frau Senden, Ms. Armstrong, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Williams.    These teachers are truly fantastic and made Matthew's freshman year an absolutely awesome one. And I thought it was great my son had three of the same teachers my daughter did (Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Reed and Mrs. Davis). My daughter is a 2011 CHS graduate and a 2015 Simmons College graduate (International Relations degree), and she also thought it was great her brother had some of the same teachers she did.  Quyana to such excellent teachers; we appreciate their time, effort and tutelage very much!

    - Barbara Green, parent

  • Quyana to Afshan Mohammad at Eagle River High School! Mrs. Mohammad has taught two of my children Biology. Clearly no one needs me to express how well educated she is. I am grateful for every caring teacher. I am honored and privileged to have Mrs. Mohammad teaching my children. Biology is not the most valuable lessons taught in her classroom. Patience, compassion, respect and tolerance are the most valuable lessons she teaches. 

    - Kathaleen Belcher, parent

  • Quyana to Jeannine Bryan at Bear Valley Elementary! Quyana to all of the Noon Duties that support student safety every day so that our students can get the recess they need. I would particularly like to thank Jeannine Bryan, Noon Duty at Bear Valley for the professionalism she has shown again this year. She keeps me well informed of student injuries when she walks them in or notifies me via her radio. As a school nurse I appreciate how she comes up with ideas to improve student safety. I hope all of the noon duties have a wonderful, and well deserved, summer.

    - Julie Becker, school nurse

  • Quyana to Valorie Booyer at Tudor Elementary! Miss Valorie is one of the special "hearts" at our school, Tudor Elementary. Not only does she welcome, assist and care for our parents and students as our Administrative Assistant, she is always there for teachers and staff. Thank you Miss Valorie for making a difference for everyone at Tudor Elementary!

    - Lisa Johnson, teacher

  • Quyana to Dale Chavie at Maintenance! Dale recently went above and beyond in his tireless installation of a new sound system at Abbott Loop Elementary.  He has proven himself to be a calm and effective coach on how to use the system, and has made our school very very happy!

    - Erin H. Peterson, classroom music teacher

  • Quyana to Leah Kellerby at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School! This school year has been challenging for my 1st grade son. Through it all, though, Ms. Kellerby, the school counselor at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School, has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for success for my kiddo. She's a compassionate, optimistic, involved counselor for the students at ANCCS. Leah responds to any need my son has, and has been a constant support for me while our family struggles to figure out how to make school work best for our son. Thank you, Ms. Kellerby! For your advocacy, for your listening ear, for your caring heart. Quyana!

    - Jessica Limbird, parent

  • Quyana to STAMP Implementation Team at Information Technology! Thank you so much to the STAMP Implementation Team in IT for all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into making this rollout so successful. We successfully tested close to 8,000 students in grades 2-12 in many different languages, and much of this success is because of your hard work and dedication to the process. Thank you so much!

    - Brandon Locke, director, World Languages

  • Quyana to Petra Burkard at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School! I would like to give a shout out and recognize Nurse Petra for her patience and care for all of the children at ANCCS. She goes above and beyond in her duties and is a great nurse. I appreciate all her hard work and the care she provides for the students.

    - Karen Fairbanks, parent

  • Quyana to Jason Hlasny at Special Education! Since joining the Anchorage School District, Jason has been a splendid supervisor and mentor. He has coached me through the ever-changing needs, policies, and leadership practices in the realm of Special Education. Without him, I wouldn't have the knowledge and ability to positively impact the people I have in my tenure with the district. I'm certainly grateful and he should know it. 

    - Shawn Bernard, Special Education Coordinator

  • Quyana to Imtiaz Azzam, Christian Caldarera and Patti Taylor at Dimond High School! I just wanted to thank these three people in particular. Dimond High School in general is a blessing to our family. There have been many times we have struggled with our children, but these three people have stepped up and have gone above and beyond what they have had to. They have spent countless hours supporting our kids and us as parents as well. They have been patient and kind every single time. I know for a fact on many occasions they have been off the clock and have helped us on their personal time. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to take care of our kids. We trust them. 

    - Gina Graves, parent

  • Quyana to William Douthit at Fire Lake Elementary! So much can be said for Mr. Bill and his clear and present love for his kindergarten class. I have never seen a more intuitive teacher, knowing exactly when a child needs that little extra boost in their confidence. In his class the importance is put into doing your best, not having to be the best.   It makes for a classroom full of kids who love to come to school and love to participate without fear of failure. We are extremely blessed to have him as a teacher, especially in kindergarten where he can foster a love for school in our children in the very beginning. 

    - Amber & Joseph Wolf, parents

  • Quyana to Jason Ayin at Transportation! I would like to thank Jason, driver of bus 34 for finding our daughter's iPhone and letting me meet him between routes to pick it up. Thanks Jason! 

    - Bill Richardson, parent

  • Quyana to Ron Blakeman at ASD Maintenance! Ron was here working on repairing the ceiling tiles in the gym and was kind enough to help me by marking our climbing ropes while he was here! Thank you so much for going above and beyond! 

    - Jenna White, PE teacher

  • Quyana to William Douthit at Fire Lake Elementary! I would like to say a big thank you to my son's Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Bill Douthit. He goes above and beyond for his students. I don't think I've ever met someone as genuinely enthusiastic about teaching as he is! He cares about each and every student in his classroom. He teaches in a way that creates a sense of excitement about learning. His classroom is a caring, positive environment. My son leaves each day feeling accomplished, able, and ready to go back to school the next day. Mr. Bill is intuitive about his students' learning styles. He has amazing social/emotional awareness and I can tell that is a cornerstone of his teaching and classroom management. Thank you so much, Mr. Bill, for teaching my son and caring for him this school year!

    - Erica Payne, parent

  • Quyana to Bill Douthit at Fire Lake Elementary! Mr. Bill is amazing! He is a shining example of the practice of educating the "whole child." He clearly understands the importance of combining academic skill development AND social-emotional learning and he integrates them seamlessly throughout the school day.    We feel so fortunate to have our son in Mr. Bill's classroom and for this to be his introduction to his elementary school years. Our son loves going to Fire Lake Elementary and views his school and classroom as a positive, safe and fun environment. We cannot thank you enough Mr. Bill. You truly are a teacher of excellence!

    - Nick Stout & Colleen Pucillo-Stout, parents

  • Quyana to Sarah Jansen, Anaely Hernandez and Janelle Fey at Romig Middle School! With hard work and vision, these exemplary teachers provided an exceptional learning opportunity for all 7th grade students at Romig Middle School. For the first time, all Romig 7th graders participated in a day long Model UN simulation. These teachers produced supporting curriculum to help students learn the complexities and structures of the UN. They helped students research countries from around the world in order to represent their assigned country throughout the event. They coordinated with West and UAA Model UN teams and received wonderful support. Students were highly engaged as they worked through over 125 resolutions produced by their peers. They learned first-hand the complexities, strengths and weaknesses of a Confederation. Throughout the day, students demonstrated civic knowledge, skills and dispositions. Opportunities such as these prepare our next generation of citizens, and educators such as these deserve recognition.

    - Pamela J Orme, peer

  • Quyana to Beth Knorr and Lola Long at Human Resources! Both of these ladies are excellent examples of stellar customer service. Not only are they both always knowledgeable about any questions I may have, they are always pleasant and polite. Whether it's Lola's smiling face at the HR desk, or Ms. Knorr's friendly voice on the phone, I always know I'm in good hands and my questions will be answered accurately and promptly. Thank you for all that you both do for the staff of ASD!

    - Susan Whited, RN, BSN, School Nurse, Crossroads HS

  • Quyana to staff at Wendler Middle School! I want to say thanks to the staff of Wendler Middle School who allow students to exercise and play baseball at 7:15 a.m. It is a joy to watch the faces of eager boys leaving the cars to start the day with fun and exercise.

    - Sabina, parent

  • Quyana to Barb Patterson at Eagle Academy Charter School! Barb, I can't say thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do at EACS. First, how you have supported all three of my children over the last 7 years. James loves to see you each and every morning. As you know you are the one he has looked for the first day of school each year. I love that you give him all the extra hugs he needs on those mornings that are a bit rough for him. I wish each and every parent could see all the extra hours you put in and how well you know and do your job, as well as assist others where needed.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for each and every child/family you come in contact with!

    - Barb Krafft, parent and coworker

  • Quyana to Jan Gilbert at Eagle Academy Charter School! Nurse Jan, a huge thank you for your love and dedication to the children and parents at Eagle Academy! Whether a child comes to visit because they need a bandaid, are sick or have been saving that wiggly tooth for you to pull, you show love and kindness to each one. Thank you for having a heart of gold, it is there for everyone you come in contact with. 

    - Barb Krafft, parent

  • Quyana to Lindsey Fees at Title I! Lindsey has been our school's instructional coach for many years. Lindsey has a way of guiding staff toward new thinking, in a way that opens teachers up to the possibilities of change. She shares her gift of listening and uses the kind of paraphrasing that lets you know you've truly been heard. She leads teachers toward best practice in teaching, without judgment, but instead with the idea that "growth mindset" isn't just for students! We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our school leadership team! 

    - Cheryl Childers, peer

  • Quyana to Kristy Vlahovich at Chinook Elementary! Kristy is an amazing woman and teacher. She absolutely goes above and beyond for all students and their parents. She loves and cares about all students. She makes herself available at any point of the day or night for parents with questions or concerns. She makes sure that every student is recognised for their own greatness and strengths, and makes sure that every child receives the best education possible. I'm truly grateful for her and my son absolutely loves her. Thank you so much, Kristy. 

    - Amanda Evans, parent

  • Quyana to Hasaan Herrington, Josh Phares and Wesley McMillan at Information Technology! A huge thank you to Hassaan Herrington, Josh Phares and Wesley McMillan from the IT Department for their timely and effective support during a Middle Division MAP Session. They addressed tech needs which enabled participants to focus on content and work collaboratively. We truly appreciate your teamwork and assistance with this critical time window.

    - Christine Dennis, MAP Team Member

  • Quyana to Nancy Hjelm at Bear Valley Elementary! Mrs. Hjelm has assisted students for over 15 years at Bear Valley Elementary School, working in multiple classrooms grades 4-6. Over the years, she has helped many students annually collect information and write essays and reports. Daily, she assists students in a variety of ways, constantly supporting school spirit and helping all students succeed. Her guidance and support of our student council is amazing!   As a certified high school English teacher, she has consistently been a source of comfort and a great aide to students and staff who have struggled with words and assignments over the years.    Mrs. Hjelm is a valued and talented teacher of language arts and math. She enjoys working with young people at the elementary level. We are delighted and overjoyed that she has spent her time educating youth at Bear Valley.    Way to go, Mrs. Hjelm. Bear Valley salutes your expertise and commitment to education!   As a teacher, I respect and value your expertise. Thank you for all you have done for my students and me. You are an honored, respected and valued member of the Bear Valley Team.

    - Bear Valley sixth grade team, teachers and students

  • Quyana to Tiffany Patzke at Ocean View Elementary! Tiffany is my super hero! While eating lunch last week, Tiffany successfully executed the Heimlich Maneuver which saved my life! 

    - Ruth Bogert, peer

  • Quyana to Leandra Wilden at West Anchorage High School! I want to recognize Leandra Wilden for all her hard work and support of education, her students and district programs. First, she is an exceptional teacher. She is also willing to give so much of her personal time to provide exceptional opportunities for students. Last week she volunteered to attend the Color of Justice in support of ASD. She stepped in and helped through the entire event. I received a special thank you from the Communications Counsel from the Alaska Court System stating all the wonderful things she did at that two-day event. The very next day, I observed her spending her entire Saturday judging for our district level National History Day event. Thank you Leandra for continuing to go above and beyond for our next generation of leaders. 

    - Pamela J Orme, peer

  • Quyana to Adrian Carroll at Clark Middle School! On behalf of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Alaska Alumnae Chapter, I would like to thank Mr. Carroll for his hard work and dedication at Clark Middle School. Last Friday, Mr. Carroll assisted Delta Sigma Theta with its Mother-Daughter Tea for middle school students and families. Mr. Carroll spent several hours on his Friday evening transforming the library into an elegant tea party. Our event was more successful because of his contribution. Thank you for your hard work and continued contribution to students at Clark Middle School. 

    - Renee Wardlaw, community member

  • Quyana to Kim Weimann at Kasuun Elementary! Thank you Mrs. Weimann for helping students outside your grade level with their reading skills. You're an outstanding teacher who always does what is best for the students. Kasuun is fortunate to have a teacher of your caliber!

    - Candice Powers, teacher

  • Quyana to Natalie Washington and Chu Bradford at Taku Elementary! A big thank you to Natalie Washington and Chu Bradford! These two staff members held numbers practices and prepared students to compete in the JNYO competition. Those who competed showed amazing strength and sportsmanship, which is a direct result of Natalie and Chu's commitment to the students of Taku Elementary. 

    - Kelly Ramey, principal

  • Quyana to Dawn Fischer-Peters at Student Nutrition! Dawn is a mobile cafeteria manager who has been at Government Hill Elementary School for the past several weeks. In the time that she has been with us, she has helped create a system for distribution of student lunch cards, she decorated our cafeteria with healthy eating and activity posters, and she has met the needs of our students in a friendly and kind manner. She always has a smile on her face and is available to speak to anyone; regardless of how busy she is she always takes the time to listen.

    - Julie Santaella, teacher

  • Quyana to Michael Day at Kasuun Elementary! Thank you Mr. Day for teaching a CHAMPS class to our staff this school year. Your dedication to our professional development is appreciated and admired. 

    - Candice Powers, teacher

  • Quyana to Kristi Senden at Chugiak High School! Quyana to Mrs. (Frau) Kristi Senden for being such an inspirational, supportive and encouraging teacher. My son is a freshman taking German I and he really enjoys her class. Frau Senden told me at the last parent/teacher conference she wanted Matthew to participate in the World Language Declamation and I thought it was great she wanted him to. The declamation was held on February 6th, and I'm proud to say my son won second place in the impromptu category, and he and his partner won third place in the dialogue category. Since they placed, they will be competing in the State Championship, and Matthew attributes how well he did to Frau Senden because she is an excellent teacher.  Frau Senden's reputation precedes her; before my son was a CHS student, I often heard about how wonderful she is and I'm very happy he chose to take her class. She is not only outstanding in the classroom, yet also in co-directing the declamation. Matthew and I appreciate her very much and I'm thrilled he intends to take German all four years, which is a true testament as to what kind of teacher she is - absolutely amazing and awesome!

    - Barbara Green, parent

  • Quyana to Jamie Hobson at Hanshew Middle School! My son needed to access a locked room after school hours to retrieve his cello. Jamie not only was very helpful and friendly but called my son by his name and treated him with respect and kindness. I really appreciate Jamie's efforts to keep Hanshew's students safe but also go above and beyond to make my son feel welcome and respected at school. Thank you! 

    - Kelly Smith, parent

  • Quyana to Paul and team at paint department! Willow Crest was in dire need of new paint and Paul and his team made our school look as good as new. Little did they know when they started that there would be dozens of small (?) projects needing to be done to prepare for painting. They worked endless hours/weeks to assure that the job was done to perfection. With eyes wide open throughout the project, they helped to get other jobs done in our building, fixed areas in need, made sure to protect student work, respected the teachers' bulletin boards and  took care of making sure our school looked great. The difference in our school is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

    - Kristina Peterson, principal

  • Quyana to Marilyn Doore at Educational Technology! Ms. Doore came into my classroom this morning to say hi, and it was so lucky! My Dell projector stopped working the day before and she got it working again. My projector pen hadn't worked all year, and she got that working too! I'm so thankful!

    - Rebecca Miller, teacher

  • Quyana to Keith Miller at 21st Century Learning! Keith IS Willow Crest! He not only runs a fantastic after school program, but he also supports every student and staff member all day long. He's there to help a child with a problem, listen to a staff member with a problem to solve, run an errand that comes up last minute, share a laugh, celebrate a success or stay late at night or all weekend to be our Lego coordinator. He gives every child 100% of his time, energy and dedication and does the same for staff and families. Keith is an incredibly valuable member of our staff and is appreciated by all. 

    - Kristina Peterson, principal/supervisor

  • Quyana to Adam Wartman at Chugiak High School! Quyana to Mr. Adam Wartman, Chugiak High School's freshman counselor, for always expeditiously handling any of my son's requests. Whenever Matthew needed a schedule change, information or scheduling of ASD iSchool courses, Mr. Wartman took care of it immediately. My son said he's very helpful and easy to talk to, which I think is fantastic since I would want him to feel comfortable interacting with his counselor; especially during the first year of high school. We appreciate Mr. Wartman's time and help very much!

    - Barbara Green , parent

  • Quyana to Officer Jensen at Clark Middle School! I am writing to address Clark Middle School's excellent SRO. As a Safety and Security Specialist at Clark, I have a wonderful opportunity to interact with our students and see them learn and grow. We have a safe school, and I see examples of how the staff and the administration do wonderful things each day to help support us.   I have the pleasure of working with our SRO, Officer Jensen. When I work with him I get to see just how much of a blessing he is to our school and our community. He has an excellent relationship with the students and they feel comfortable talking with him. He shows interest in their lives and I can tell that students feel that he has their best interests at heart. They do not shy away from him as a "scary authority figure" but instead will greet him in the halls, shake his hand, and talk about what's going on from day to day.   I have only seen him called to assist with students in conflict a handful of times, and it struck me that we could not ask for a better person at our school. Officer Jensen is a natural diplomat, and when confronted with an agitated individual, his calming demeanor and respectful tone of voice helps to immediately de-escalate situations. He does not show up and try to scare people into submission, but takes the time to hear their frustrations and to reason with them. He never shouts but instead uses diplomacy and empathy for their emotions to help solve the problem. In the end he not only keeps us safe by ending potential conflicts, but he also solves them in a positive way that supports the person who is the cause of the conflict.   I am proud to say that at Clark Middle School we have an officer who sees his job as a service to community. We can tell that he is driven to help the people whom our school serves; his every action speaks to that inner motivation. Clark Middle School has one of the highest safety records in the district and I firmly believe it is because of people like Officer Jensen who see this building as a hub for community outreach and success. I look forward to continue working at Clark Middle School, and I hope that we continue to have officer Jensen with us for a long time.

    - David Arnold, safety security specialist

  • Quyana to Totem members at Begich Middle School! Big thank you to Totem members for their generous leave bank donations. After a 7 week recovery from hip replacement surgery, it feels good to be back. I truly appreciate all of your support.

    - Kimberly Neill, Special Ed TA

  • Quyana to Jack Johnson, Hasaan Herrington, Clancy Derrick, Brian Tjaden, Sam Oliveri at IT! The IT team listed above worked hard in December to help the CTE Department evaluate middle schools for future career and technology programming. A needs assessment was conducted in many classrooms within a 24-hour period by a team of smart and skilled IT staff members. Thank you so much for the support!

    - DH, ASD supervisor

  • Quyana to Angela Mazur at Baxter Elementary School! My husband and I attended the Baxter Elementary holiday performance. I would like to commend Mrs. Mazur on a job well done! The event was so extremely well attended, it had to be hosted at East High school. Even then, the theater was pretty much filled to capacity. The tremendous amount of planning was apparent from the time we entered. 673rd Communications Squadron was on hand to help direct students and community members to where they needed to be. The Charlie Brown themed events was just darling. The students looked well rehearsed and confident on stage. My husband remarked that students were lucky to have such large scale exposure at an early age. After the performance, there were plenty of delicious refreshments to enjoy while seizing photo ops with the cast. It was a thoroughly delightful evening. Thank you for engaging the community. 

    - Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, community member

  • Quyana to East High Cafeteria Staff at Student Nutrition! Recently the Cafeteria staff at East High, after celebrating a birthday potluck, were approached by an East High staff member asking if they had any food they could give to a family in need. The group decided that the family needed all of their delicious dishes more than they did so they gladly contributed them to the effort to take care of this family. Thanks for your generosity.

    - Teresa Harwell, supervisor

  • Quyana to Tatiana Nochevnaya at KCC Preschool! I would like to thank Ms.Tatiana at KCC preschool. She has created such a wonderfully kind, engaging, fun and loving introduction to my son's educational career. My husband and I feel very fortunate that we are able to send our son to such a fantastic place. Ms. Tatiana has gone above and beyond to create a learning environment that is supportive and positive. She is very communicative with parents. Thank you, Ms. Tatiana! Every time my son comes home telling me how much he loves school, I am even more grateful for you!

    - McKenzie, parent

  • Quyana to Mitch Tarter at Mirror Lake Middle School! I would like to recognize Mr. Mitch Tarter for his exceptional teaching skills. His techniques have inspired my daughter and she looks forward to his class. She is driven to understand math and her grades are reflecting her enthusiasm. Teaching is hard, making learning fun is a gift, and we are grateful for Mr. Tarter.

    - M. Chandler, parent

  • Quyana to Lisa Church at Tudor Elementary School! Mrs. Church is a wonderful teacher! She always has a smile and a good morning. She has a great approach to teaching. Please keep being the wonderful person and teacher you are. Any school would be lucky to have you as a teacher!

    - Nancy K., parent

  • Quyana to Ronnie Gunter at Maintenance/CP&C! Quyana to Ronnie Gunter and crew for coming to the rescue and plowing the West HS parking lot on the Saturday of the All State Music Festival. His crews arrived early to help with parking during the morning rehearsals. They even went so far as to help stranded students and parents trying to navigate a very snowy parking lot. They steadily worked around vehicles until all was clear for the evening concert! Thanks to Ronnie and crew!

    - Mary Wilts , Fine Arts coordinator

  • Quyana to Staci Cox at West/Romig! Staci Cox is an outstanding librarian. She welcomes students and teachers alike to the library. She finds ways to help smooth difficult moments with students. She has reorganized the library so that it is easy to find books with the new signs on the ends of shelves and so that it is visually more open. Messages are helpful: outside the door is a new calendar telling students when the library will be open for the entire month, and there are artistic posters with inspiring sayings - and rules. Ms. Cox set up the computers so that it is now easier for teachers to oversee and instruct students, and she keeps up on publishing. Recent searches for compelling new books (both fiction and non-fiction) and videos showed that Ms. Cox has already placed them on the shelves. There is much more to laud about our librarian, but maybe most important is that she makes using the library a positive, motivating experience. The West-Romig complex is lucky to have Ms. Cox in charge in the library. 

    - Michele Whaley, teacher

  • Quyana to Kylie Shahan at Tyson Elementary School! Miss Shahan has gone out of her way to accommodate every need that my son has had this year. She has made sure that he has been challenged academically and supported emotionally. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my child.

    - Cheryl Sherman, parent

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