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District news

New principal and administrator assignments announced for upcoming school year

July 24, 2015

Annoucement includes the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School's new principal and the district's chief operating officer.

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District hosts early enrollment opportunity for new students

July 20, 2015

Centralized location provides customer service for new-to-district families

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National Merit Scholarship Corporation announces 1,700 additional winners

July 13, 2015

Congratulations to South High School student Benton Campbell

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Two ASD teachers receive presidential awards

July 1, 2015

Congratulations to Wendler Middle School Math Teacher Tasha Barnes and Romig Middle School Science Teacher Ben Walker!

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Alaska student debaters among the best in the post season

May 28, 2015

UPDATE June 22, 2015

South Anchorage High School Wolverines DDF squad excels at National Championship.

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Jul 30

Fall lottery application deadline

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Jul 31

ASD Lottery held

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Aug 1

Systems outage

All IT functions will be down for infrastructure upgrades. This includes the website, Zangle, online registration and Internet access at ASD buildings.

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Aug 3

High school in person registration

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Aug 4

Elementary and middle school in person registration

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SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Bart Kendall, Derek Bell and crew at ASD Warehouse! Bart, Derek and the folks at the ASD warehouse are always so helpful and bend over backwards for district employees. They do so much work behind that scenes that often goes unnoticed, yet the entire district and community benefits from their hard work. Without these valuable employees, we could not accomplish all that we do for the students in the ASD. Thanks to all of you at the warehouse for all that you do!

    - Brandon Locke, director, World Languages

  • Quyana to the Wood Shop at Maintenance & Operations! I wanted to say a huge quyana to the woodworking shop and all those involved in getting things done at Chinook over the summer. Your dedication and great pride in your work truly shows! When we start our new program this year we will be proud of all the things we have due to your hard work. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students and staff!

    - Anita Stevens, Chinook elementary school principal

  • Quyana to Allison Susel at Assessment and Evaluation, soon to be at Chugiak High School! Alli you will be missed in A&E! You have a beautiful way of balancing professionalism with being completely authentic! Too many skills and strengths to mention here. You inspire me both professionally and personally. Wishing you all the best on your new chapter with ASD!

    - Carey Gray, staff

  • Quyana to Michelle Prince at Bear Valley Elementary! I just want to thank Ms. Prince for all her help with my son this year. He has some special needs and she was nothing but helpful from the first time I contacted her. She was gracious, understanding, kind and a great facilitator. Quyanukpuk! 

    - Miriam Aarons, parent

  • Quyana to Michael Moore at Steller Secondary School! Quyana to a dear teacher and friend, Michael Moore - not just on behalf of all the students you help every day and every year, but mostly for helping my own. I am quite sure that without you my daughter would not have "made it." Your understanding and advocacy was above and beyond. 

    - Gina Pastos, parent

  • Quyana to Pete Mandel at Dimond High School! I wanted to recognize Pete for all the hard work that he has done at the end of this school year to help my son get ready to enter his senior year at Dimond High. He always answered my questions quickly whether it was via email or phone. His easy accessibility at this especially busy time of year was very appreciated. Thanks, Pete, for helping Matt this school year. He is truly an advocate for the district plan to have every student graduate with a high school diploma. 

    - Julia Streit, parent

  • Quyana to Jennifer Spain at Eagle River Elementary School! Mrs. Spain is a teacher that just "gets it." She has the unusual ability to create a learning environment appropriate for each student so each student gets the full benefit of what ASD has to offer. Every student will learn while in her classroom, not just the ones who fit the perfect student mold. Her ability to communicate with parents is awesome and very much appreciated. I would think ASD would benefit from having her coach other teachers in how to be outstanding.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Lindsey Burrington at Mirror Lake Middle School! I think to be a good teacher in middle school you must start with a heart for the students. Lindsey has this. She sees the students as individuals and seems to understand how as a PE teacher she is a stabilizing force as the students move from teacher to teacher each year.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Travis Harrington at Mirror Lake Middle School! Travis's dedication to the education of the students is awesome. His ability to connect with each individual student and keep them learning is amazing. He manages and motivates 80 students at a time far better than most teachers can with 20. And he keeps Zangle updated! Someday I hope he gifts other teachers with his ability. If all math teachers could connect with individuals and reach each student at the student's level as he does we would have higher math scores and more kids loving math.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Nicole Sommerville at Eagle River Elementary School! We have been blessed to have our son in a school with Nicole as the Principal. Her ability to care about individuals as well as manage the overall school is impressive. She has been an outstanding part of our son's educational process.

    - Rick Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Antonio Wyche at West High School! I lost my phone at my daughter's dance recital and stopped by the school to try and find it. Antonio spent at least 15 minutes trying to help me track it down and went to various places around the school that I thought it might be. He also took my information down, in case they found it later. Bob Wright ended up finding it, but it was nice to have someone who was trying to help along the way. The front desk staff was also very nice.

    - Carolyn Heyman-Layne, community member

  • Quyana to Bob Wright and custodial staff at West High School! I lost my phone at my daughter's dance recital at West over the weekend and was in a panic, but Bob Wright helped track it down and also called my husband to arrange for pickup. He was very nice and went out of his way to get ahold of me. His staff was also very helpful; they looked around and got him on the phone when I couldn't find him upon arrival.

    - Carolyn Heyman-Layne, community member

  • Quyana to Greg Eschenlohr at Service High School! Thank you Mr. Eschenlohr for going above and beyond to serve your students. My son, along with your other students, benefited from the many hours you gave of your time to tutor and prepare them for the AP World History exam. You gave opportunities for weekly study sessions and made breakfast burritos on testing day. Your kindness and dedication to your students has been greatly appreciated. 

    - Wendy, parent

  • Quyana to Eric Holta at Gruening Middle School! When we risked losing WACKO - "Wild and Crazy Kid Olympics"- at Gruening MS due to budget cuts in Team Time, there was a great deal of discussion around the school. WACKO is a long standing tradition, highly anticipated every year, that builds teamwork, unity and collaboration. We weren't sure how to make it work until Eric Holta stepped up! Eric went above and beyond by organizing the events, scheduling teacher committees and student training, and taking care of all the details. He communicated with everyone, creating an inclusive environment. Thanks to Eric's leadership and school spirit the students and teachers enjoyed another magnificent and memorable WACKO last Friday! 

    - Victoria Otte, peer

  • Quyana to Ms. Xiong at Creekside Park Elementary School! Ms. Xiong has made my child's everyday experience at school much more delightful. He loves telling her about his day and playing with her at recess time. 

    - Nina Cannady, parent

  • Quyana to Heather Godfrey at Whaley School! Heather Godfrey came to us this year and is amazing with our students in the area of nutrition and as an all-around role model. She regularly uses her own time to attend after school events and has grown to be an integral part of our Whaley family in such a short time. She works well with our students and offers assistance wherever she can help. She brings positivity to our multi-purpose room with her great attitude and great decorations. We appreciate all that she does! 

    - Robyn Harris, principal

  • Quyana to Michael McCarthey, Ryan Shanley, Charles Pluard, Chester Mainot and Sarah Petersen at IT and EdTech! I am very pleased to write this Quyana recognizing the members of the IT/Edtech Department. This group of individuals supported the Anchorage School District's Assistive Technology Department (AT) in so many ways, during so many changes this year! Due to their contributions and expertise, drive, determination and tenaciousness, AT was able to implement and leverage new ways to partner with school teams to help mitigate the impact of disability on our students' abilities to communicate, participate, learn and demonstrate learning.

    - Lance Smith, Assistive Technology Instructional Support Specialist

  • Quyana to Teresa Hintze at Alaska State School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing! Teresa works tirelessly for our Deaf students, going above and beyond her role as a teacher, providing meals to students in need, updating our school website, creating our school newsletter, and setting up special events such as Senior honor luncheons. She is a master teacher and serves on several committees. She is incomparable in her work ethic and dedication to the Deaf students. 

    - Jessica Parker, teacher

  • Quyana to Katy Green at Romig and West! I just want to give a quick shout out to the Romig and West Choir students and their teacher, Katy Green. Every concert and choral event this year has been absolutely fantastic. Student growth has been evident during performances and by the accolades they have received this year. Way to go, Ms. Green! 

    - Jamie Wyatt, parent

  • Quyana to Ms. Niel, Mr. Zogas, Mr. Whitfield and the entire staff at Goldenview Middle school! Thank you so much for taking care of my son the past couple of years! Some may say (even parents) that the junior high years aren't the most appealing age to deal with young students, but I thank you so much for what you do every day. Some days you inspire my son. Some days you keep him moving forward. Some days young teenagers just get through the day. All of that is important. I know your extra efforts to have him "help" in your classroom, or have him do extra projects, take work. His interest in band and the extra work Mr. Whitfield completes is amazing. I can't believe my son was as interested in the popsicle stick building team project as he was - how did you manage to generate true interest in a 13 year old? I don't see as much of that as I did a couple years ago and it is wonderful when your extra efforts generate that spark. I truly think he and his friends have enjoyed the middle school years much more than I did, and your extra efforts are noticed and appreciated. Some excellent teachers at Goldenview Middle school are publicly recogized with awards, and some are privately thanked many times by parents. It all helps and makes a difference in my son's life. Thank you!

    - Gretchen Stoddard, parent

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