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Homecoming Spirit Week

Spirit Days:

Mon 9/18:  USA Day

Tuesday 9/19:  Hippie Day

Wednesday 9/20:  Barbie vs. Ken Day

Thursday 9/20:  Class Colors Day

  • Freshmen:  Yellow
  • Sophomores:  Green
  • Juniors:  Red
  • Seniors:  Blue

Friday 9/22:  4.0 vs. 4-0 Day (Mathletes vs. Athletes)

Saturday 9/23:  Homecoming Games & Dance (at West)


Homecoming Dance Expectations

Dances are a fun way to enjoy an evening out with your friends at school. Regular school rules including all policies for drugs/alcohol/vapes. Police and security will work with administration to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for our students, we will be conducting bag searches, metal detector screenings, and/or vehicle searches. A good rule of thumb is if you shouldn’t have it at school, don’t bring it to homecoming.

Guests of West students attending with an approved guest pass are expected to abide by the same rules. Consequences for any infraction may include suspensions and/or losing privileges to attend dances for the rest of the year.

Dance Attire

Homecoming: Semi Formal attire is appropriate for the homecoming dance. This includes dress pants (not blue jeans), button up shirts, and nice dresses. All clothing should completely cover undergarments when you stand up and sit down. It should also be comfortable enough in fit, length, and neckline to prevent indecent exposure and wardrobe malfunctions. Remember, use good judgment when you choose your outfit. It is still school.