Any high school student who is absent ten (10) times in at least one class will be placed on attendance probation and a parent/guardian will be notified. Any high school student who is absent fifteen (15) times or more in a class may not be granted credit for that class.

Students withdrawn for non-attendance will have a “WF’’ (Withdrawal- Failing) recorded on his/her transcript. That grade will be included in the calculation of his/her grade point average and will affect eligibility.

When a student has an absence during the school day, the school will call a designated phone number through the ASD automated system. Calls will be placed in the evening after the close of business. Phone numbers can be changed by contacting the high school attendance office.


  1. Schools may withhold credit for any class with fifteen (15) The student and parents will be contacted on a class-by-class basis in each instance.
  2. If a student is withdrawn from a class, parents/guardians will be notified via mail.
  3. Students and parents will have the right to request evaluation of special and extenuating circumstances related to the absences. Schools will seek information concerning special and extenuating circumstances.
  4. Schools will provide a process to evaluate requests for consideration of special and extenuating circumstances which impact student attendance.
  5. The school will have the ability to not count absences toward the fifteen (15) day standard if the absences are due to special or extenuating circumstances beyond student or family control. Special or extenuating circumstances do not include family vacations.

    a) Special circumstances include but are not limited to: activity absences, required court appearances, significant events such as competing in international, national, or regional sport events, or recognized cultural events.

    b) Extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to: chronic medical problems, extended illness, death in the family, physical or sexual abuse and documented family problems affecting student attendance. Provisions will be made to allow consideration of special or extenuating circumstances prior to the absence and after the absence takes place.

* Students with an illness that extends or are projected to extend beyond fifteen (15) school days should apply for services under the Visiting Teacher Program. Absences from school while in the Visiting Teacher Program will not count toward probation or non-granting of credit. Students with chronic medical problems should contact the school if absences due to the health problem are likely to exceed fifteen (15) days in a semester. Absences associated with chronic illness will not be counted if a medical waiver is secured.

c) A school decision to deny consideration may be appealed using the grievance procedure published in the student handbook. 

  1. Additional conditions:
    a) Absences in quarter classes will accumulate on a semester rather than quarter basis.
    b) Days suspended from school are counted for probation or withdrawal of credit.
    c) Pre-acknowledged absences will be counted for probation and withdrawal of credit if a waiver of the standard is not granted. Pre-acknowledged absence status is intended only to allow the student to make up work missed due to absence.