Blue Passes


Leaving school before the end of the day is permitted with a Blue Pass. A Blue Pass is issued with prior consent from a parent/guardian by note, or phone. 


If a Blue Pass is issued to a student, the student must leave the building


Please give at least 30 minutes notice to the office when requesting a Blue Pass for your student.


Blue Passes for the end of the day must be called in by 1:30 or they will not be delivered. 


If a student returns from a Blue Pass they need to check in with the Attendance office or they will remain absent for the remainder of the day. 


Students who leave the building without approval will be regarded as truant.

Failure to use the Blue Pass procedure will cause the absence to become unexcused. Contact by parents at a later time after the absence has occurred will not change the absence to an excused absence.


Example: A student leaves campus for lunch and does not return. Result: The absence is unexcused. The student’s parent calls later in the day or the following day to excuse. Result: The absence remains unexcused.