Overview:  Students will be allowed to wear hats throughout the common areas of West High. Students will be allowed to wear hats within the classroom with teacher approval. This policy does not include ski masks, hoods, or bandanas, or any such item that could be considered as such.  


Purpose: West High strives to lead and empower students in our educational practice to incorporate skills they will utilize in their academic, professional, and social lives. Our hope is to impart positive habits, including professional etiquette, self-control, social intelligence, and social responsibility regarding the dress code. 


Guidelines: Wearing hats at West High School is a privilege, not a right. Although hats and headwear are personal property, wearing a hat to school means an acknowledgment of the hat policy and any consequences for violating it may include confiscation of the headwear and disciplinary actions. Refusal to relinquish the item could result in other disciplinary sanctions including suspension.


Hats and Headgear Code of Conduct


Hats and Headgear are allowed in the building under the following conditions:

  • Teachers reserve the right to deem their classroom a hat free zone at any time.
  • Hoods and other headgear are not allowed. Hoods include those attached to hoodies and headgear includes bandanas, or any such item that could be considered as such.  
  • Each student is responsible for his/her own hats/headwear. West High School will not be held liable for lost/damaged/stolen headwear.
  • Hats must be school appropriate and cannot be a size that is distracting to the school environment. Examples of inappropriate and distracting headwear include, but are not limited to: displaying logos of drugs, alcohol, sexual content, demeaning messages, hurtful images, political agendas, overly sized, made of items that stick off the headwear and anything else a staff member may question. 
  • Students are expected to remove their hats during the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem.
  • Students are not permitted to wear hats during school wide, state, or district testing. This includes but is not limited to AK Star, MAP, AP, IB, and Finals. If a teacher does not wish for students to wear a hat during regular class tests then students will be expected to remove their hat. 
  • Students must follow the above agreement and related policies at all times.
  • Students and staff should work to self-regulate the wearing of hats and headwear in order to model a healthy balance, so our actions will serve as a reflection of our character.