Student Parking

***Student Parking will be free for the 2023-24 school year***

All cars parking at West High School during school hours must be registered and display the current parking sticker.  Please use the links below to register your car with West High.

Student Parking Driving and parking a vehicle on West campus is an earned privilege, not a right. Students in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades are eligible to register and drive a vehicle on campus.

The main student parking lot is on the west side of the auditorium and the senior lot is on the north side of the school. All students must park in these areas. Students may not park in front of the building or in the faculty lot. Students may not loiter in vehicles during school hours. Students parking in unauthorized areas will be subject to fines, and/or towing.

Students who are tardy from lunch in excess of six (6) times will have their parking permit revoked for reminder of the semester. NO Refunds will be remitted for this action.


Requirements for obtaining a parking sticker:

1 .   Valid Alaska Drivers license

2 .   Current State of Alaska vehicle registration

3 .   Proof of insurance

4 .   Completed West High School parking permit application


Driving and Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking decals are to be displayed in the rear windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

There will be fines levied by West High School to students for the following improper/unsafe practices: Illegal/Improper Parking; unsafe driving; unregistered vehicle on campus; obstructing bus right-of-way; and others.

You may also apply for a parking pass online by using the link provided: It will also provide instructions on how to pay and necessary documents that need to be uploaded in order to receive a parking pass.