In effort to teach the importance of being on time, and to honor the teaching environment in every classroom at West High, any tardy may be subject to disciplinary action. Tardy slips will be given to any student found in the hall after the bell rings by administration/security or may be given by a teacher to a student who comes to class late. Being given a tardy slip equals a lunch detention which must be served within 24-hours (see section on detention for more details). Excessive accumulation of tardies may result in further disciplinary action. 

Failure to serve lunch detention within 24-hours will be subject to progressive discipline.  

Anyone arriving at school after 7:30 AM must report to the front office to be checked in and issued a tardy/detention slip. 

To excuse your student’s late arrival please call 742-2502 before 10:00 AM. Any calls made after 10:00 will still be considered unexcused and subject to the appropriate consequences. Chronic, excessive tardies, excused or unexcused, may result in disciplinary action such as, parent conferences, in-school suspension, etc.

Detention is offered every day in room 3

Monday 11:05-11:30

Tuesday- Friday 10:35-11:00


Tardy FAQ:


What if I put my stuff down in class and then leave to go to the bathroom?

You will still be considered tardy if we see you in the hall without a pass and will be issued a tardy slip.


What if I am only 3 seconds late?

You will be considered tardy and may be issued a tardy by your teacher at the door.


What if I am in PE?

You are supposed to be in the gym space or locker room by the time the bell rings. Anyone who is in the hall will be issued a tardy slip.


I couldn’t get to school on time because my ride was late?

Check in at the office to get a pass to class and have your parent/guardian call 742-2502 to excuse you. Excessive tardiness, whether it is excused or not may be subject to consequences.