In-House School Dance Decorum

In maintaining the image of West High School and to retain the positive community/school relationship, the students attending in-house dances are reminded of the following procedures:

1 .   Only West High students and pre-arranged ASD high school guests will be allowed to attend. Pre-arranged guests must present a pass. Passes may be obtained from the Activities Principal. There is a limit of one guest per West High student. All approved guests must show an I.D. at the door. There is a set limit of 100 guest passes for each dance.

2 .   Identification as a West High student must be acknowledged by either a student I.D. or positive recognition by an adult staff member in attendance at the dance.

3 .   Students will not have access to their lockers.

4 .   The West High decorum rules will be followed at the dances and students will be expected to assume responsibility for their behavior.

Once a student leaves the dance, re-admission will not be permitted.