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syringe icon Immunizations are required for students.

  • List of required immunizations
  • Free immunization clinics
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  • Sports physicals
  • Forms for students new to ASD
  • Special meals
  • Asthma action plans
  • Diabetes care plans


Guidelines, procedures

  • Injured or ill students
  • Medication administration
  • School physicals
  • Screenings
  • Special needs


Topics of interest


Hand washingA recent outbreak of norovirus is being investigated at several schools in the district. Thorough hand washing and staying home when sick are the best ways to prevent the spread of these viruses.


Learn more about the virus and how to protect against it with these resources from the Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Bedbugs are a nuisance, but are not known to spread disease. Learn more about bedbugs and how to protect against them in the handout below.


The proliferation of Energy drinks, which may contain more than 10 times the caffeine found in regular sodas, has prompted concern about the side effects from consuming these beverages.


Head lice

ASD revised its procedures regarding head lice control in 2009.



Gold Star service

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The ASD Health Services and Nursing Department was awarded the ASD Gold Star for exceptional customer service. Judges noted that staff was helpful to a variety of clients, providing outstanding support to both individuals and departments

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