Drop Off & Pick Up Information

  • No cell usage signage

    SAFETY is our priority. Please keep our children safe. 

      • Refrain from using your cell phone when driving on our campus. 
      • Be Patient. Arrive early and prepare to wait your turn
      • Be Patient. Driving along the left lane of the Drop Off/Pick Up lane is dangerous.   Please wait for the car(s) ahead of you to unload/load and leave in order. 
      • Be courteous. Pull as far forward as possible in the drop off/pick up area.   
      • Asking your child to walk off campus to meet you is a safety concern. Please use our designated area or park and meet your child on campus. 


    Morning Drop-off:

    Campus opens at 8:40 a.m.  Please do not drop your child off earlier than that time. The drop-off zone is only for active off loading.  If your child is not ready to exit the car, please go park in the parking lot.   

    Please read the bullet points above.  It's important that during the morning drop off that cars pull all the way forward.  Many parents try to drop their child close to the area their kids line up, but that only causes our morning flow to slow down and become unsafe due to cars trying to weave around cars that have not pulled all the way forward. 

    Note: Children are not allowed to use the cross-walk between our visitor parking lot and the main campus unless they are accompanied by an adult.  Please do not drop your child in our parking lot unless you are going to walk them to our main campus. 



    Drop Off Pick Up Instructions & Map-193x250.jpg Afternoon Pick-up:

    Our gate is locked during the school day.  When school is dismissed at 3:30 p.m. a staff member opens the gate and mans that crosswalk.  Children who are being picked up in the pick-up line must gather in a designated area near the playground fence.  For safety reasons, we only load the first 3 to 4 cars in the pick-up line.  Children must enter the car on the passenger side of the car. Thank you for your patience.  

    We have several other staff members outside after school to help with the bus pick-up and the parent pick-up lines. Children who are not picked up by about 3:45 p.m. are brought inside to call their parent.  Please do not ask your child to meet you somewhere off campus after school, unless it is at the Bayshore Clubhouse where there is access to a phone.   When children are meeting a parent off campus and their parent is not on time, it is a safety issue.  We've seen many very upset children who did not know what to do when their parent did not show.  Please use the pick-up line.  You'd be surprised at how fast it goes! ‌

Bus Information

  • In general bus transportation is provided for students who live at least 1 ½  miles from their neighborhood school.  Bus stops are established in accordance with Anchorage School District Transportation Department criteria. Click here to find out if your household is eligible for bussing to Bayshore and to find your bus stop information.  

    Bayshore’s two bus routes are operated by Reliant Transportation who follow all A.S.D. protocols.


    Late Buses

    When a bus is 10 minutes behind schedule, Reliant will notify the school, but if it falls 15 minutes behind schedule, they will notify parents via text and on ASD’s app.  We highly recommend parents to download the free ASD moble app not only for up-to-date school and district information, but for easy access to your Zangle/Q Parent Account. 

     Mobile App photo

    Parents are welcome to call Reliant Transportation direct when their bus is late and they have not been notified.   Call them 278-4287 - press the button for the ‘dispatcher’. 

    The dispatcher has direct radio access to your child's bus driver. 

    The school does not. 

     school bus image