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  • ASD’s curriculum webpage is a parent’s best resource to understanding our curriculum.  

    You can also click on the links below to go directly to each subject’s A.S.D. webpage where you can get more specific information.  


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    Language Arts (K-5th Grade)

    National Geographic, Cengage,  Reach for Reading

    National Geographic Reach for Reading Common Core Program is based on scientific reading research.  It includes the five essential elements outlined by the National Reading Panel for effectively teaching a comprehensive literacy program; phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. This program also incorporates authentic texts, science and social studies connections, and multiple types of writing including argument, informative, and narrative.  


    Language Arts (6th Grade)


    ReadyMath is a focused program designed to meet the objectives and intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  It was specifically written to provide thorough coverage of the CCSS with an emphasis on depth of instruction.



    Science kits based on various themes are used to emphasize an in-depth understanding of scientific processes, concepts, and investigations.


    Social Studies

    History, geography, civics and government, including current events are major components of the Social Studies curriculum. 


    Handwriting Without Tears

    This program is used in grades K through 3rd grades. 



    Our Health and Art teachers are on a two week rotation.  Students receive a one hour health class on the weeks our health teacher is here. 



    All students receive 90 minutes of PE instruction per week, usually three 30 minute classes.   



    All students kindergarten through 5th grade receive one hour of music instruction per week.  Sixth grade students have the option of joining band or orchestra which meets three times per week in addition to a regular music class. 



    Our Health and Art teachers are on a two-week rotation. Students attend art class for one hour per week when our art teacher is scheduled at our school. 



    All students receive library instruction in the library for 30 minutes each week.  See the library tab for more information. 



Common Core

  • Common Core

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    Learn more about what the Common Core State Standards are and how ASD implements them.