• Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Main Phone: (907) 742-4857
    Location: 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska 99504

Services Offered

    • Partnering with the local organizations to offer community-based STEM opportunities for all ASD students 
    • Developing in all students the content, skills and practices of STEM disciplines that will prepare all students for future success in STEM college programs and/or careers.
    • Assisting students in understanding the connections between scientific inquiry and engineering design and their ability to read, write and apply math and science skills.
    • Building student confidence, strengthening their abilities to question, research, design, engineer and present solutions to local programs and issues.


Department Overview

  • STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The term is somewhat new, but the foundation of knowledge in the area is older. The STEM curriculum encompasses the desired learning that students will need to prepare them for their lives in a future that perhaps they don't quite understand themselves. 

    A primary objective of STEM is to integrate the teaching of the four composite areas so that students better understand the connections among the areas. Most students already understand this concept, but all students must understand it.