Online P.E. Classroom


    Supplemental  P.E. Resources/Activities


    *This website provides students opportunities to work-out for 30 minutes and practice their fitness skills with their parents.


    *This website provides students opportunities to practice locomotor, tag, and muscle strength skills using a towel.



    Other activities to engage your child in to provide structure and learning opportunities each day include:

    • Take a walk outside for 30 minutes
    • Complete a dance off with music
    • Have your child design a safe obstacle course using furniture and household items
    • Have your child complete body exercises such as jumping-jacks, sit-ups, mountain climbers, squats, push-ups or shoulder slaps, etc.
    • Give your child the opportunity to practice and share their favorite locomotor activity: ex: run, skip, hop, jump, gallop, slide (sideways shuffle). You can ask K-2 students to act like their favorite animal, creating the sounds and motions; 3-6 students can work on a grapevine step (karioka), side shuffle, bear crawl, and any activity that engages their entire body.
    • Give your child an idea of a cardiovascular exercise (run, jump, mountain climbers anything that gets their heart rate up), a muscle strength exercise (push-up, pushing a heavy object, shoveling, climbing stairs), a muscle endurance exercise (sit-ups, plank, lifting easy weights such as cans, juice/Gatorade bottles, lunges, body-weight squats), and a flexibility exercise (stretching, yoga poses) that they can complete as a routine on a daily basis to develop a healthy habit
    • Below you will find a calendar with links attached. Feel free to complete a workout a day in order to stay active. If you would like more accountability, fill out the blank calender that is attached below.

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