Behavior Expectations

  • Behavior Matrix We teach our Bayshore eagles to be:

    •     Safe
    •     Respectful
    •     Responsible 
    •     & Happy

Soaring High Program

  • Students observed exceeding our behavior expectations and doing good deeds at school may be given a 'Soaring High' slip from a staff member.  Students deposit their slip in a jar at school and a weekly drawing of names takes place on Fridays.   Our counselor announces these winners over the morning announcements and children are given a certificate signed by the principal.  


     Soaring High Certificate  students receiving award

OnLine Safety

  • ASD utilizes a software program called Gaggle, to help keep students safe and secure while working online within ASD’s learning platforms or on ASD devices. The software monitors content and flags any inappropriate or unsafe content for review. If your student’s content is flagged, we will reach out and work with you to ensure your student is safe and their content is appropriate.