Online P.E. Classroom

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    Dear Bayshore Families,


    Here is a link to our Google Classroom:


    User Name:  lastname.firstname (This is the student name)

    Password:  contact your child's classroom teacher


    Classroom Code:  vxam2hk (parents can join too)


    Join us for live sessions as well as watch videos of workouts and activities we've posted.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us. 


    Kim Resheske  -

    Rob Snelson - 


    Supplemental  P.E. Resources/Activities


    *This website provides students opportunities to work-out for 30 minutes and practice their fitness skills with their parents.


    *This website provides students opportunities to practice locomotor, tag, and muscle strength skills using a towel.



    Other activities to engage your child in to provide structure and learning opportunities each day include:

    • Take a walk outside for 30 minutes
    • Complete a dance off with music
    • Have your child design a safe obstacle course using furniture and household items
    • Have your child complete body exercises such as jumping-jacks, sit-ups, mountain climbers, squats, push-ups or shoulder slaps, etc.
    • Give your child the opportunity to practice and share their favorite locomotor activity: ex: run, skip, hop, jump, gallop, slide (sideways shuffle). You can ask K-2 students to act like their favorite animal, creating the sounds and motions; 3-6 students can work on a grapevine step (karioka), side shuffle, bear crawl, and any activity that engages their entire body.
    • Give your child an idea of a cardiovascular exercise (run, jump, mountain climbers anything that gets their heart rate up), a muscle strength exercise (push-up, pushing a heavy object, shoveling, climbing stairs), a muscle endurance exercise (sit-ups, plank, lifting easy weights such as cans, juice/Gatorade bottles, lunges, body-weight squats), and a flexibility exercise (stretching, yoga poses) that they can complete as a routine on a daily basis to develop a healthy habit
    • Below you will find a calendar with links attached. Feel free to complete a workout a day in order to stay active. If you would like more accountability, fill out the blank calender that is attached below.

PE - Ms. Resheske & Mr. Snelson