The Steller Philosophy

  • 2019-2020

    Steller is a school devoted to the creation of independent, courageous people capable of dealing with the shifting complexities of the modern world. Steller runs on the energy and excitement of people who have committed themselves to self-directed learning. With the support of parents and staff, Steller provides students with a humane education experience based upon freedom and responsibility.

    We believe that every student should be free to establish his or her own path to becoming a more fully self-sufficient person. We recognize that this search takes place in the context of an interdependent world, and that part of this quest involves the recognition of each individual’s roles and responsibilities in the larger community.

    Students are responsible for defining their own educational goals, selecting or devising a course of study to achieve those goals, and working to fulfill those goals. They are also responsible for assisting in the continuous evaluation of their performance in relation to those same goals.



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