• Attendance Policies


    The Anchorage School District requires notice from parents verifying their child's absence. Absences should be called in to the front office at 742-3300 by 10:00 a.m. Please give the child’s name, teacher’s name, and the reason for absence.


    An absence is excused only when the parent/guardian notifies the school via a phone call or a written note. It is ASD’s policy to only excuse absences for medical reasons, family emergencies, and religious observances. While we recognize that vacations are valuable to families, please understand that they are not recognized as excused absences by the Anchorage School District. A form is no longer necessary for absences, but please still call the office or send a note regarding absences.


    Here at Alpenglow, attendance is key to a quality education and promotes a strong work ethic. When a student is on time and at school every day, they receive important information on current lessons and get the most out of their education. ASD and Alpenglow have a goal of 90% attendance for the school year. That means that students cannot miss more than 18 days in an entire school year or an average of 4 days per quarter.


    What happens in class the first or last 15 minutes of the school day?


    First 15 minutes

    In the first 15 minutes of the day, academic activities set the tone for the entire day and launch students on a daily trajectory that result in positive outcomes and a productive day of learning. As children walk into the classroom and are greeted by staff and peers, homework is turned in, and morning routines begin. Students who arrive tardy are often rushed, left to feel as though they are behind, have ‘missed something,’ and are ‘catching up’ for the remainder of the day. Late arrivals disrupt a class, as the teacher must shift his or her attention from instructing the class to directing one child.

    Last 15 minutes

    The last 15 minutes of every school day is as important as the first. The end of the day includes a routine where children learn to contribute to a greater community by cleaning their classrooms and preparing their spaces for the next day. They are given instructions for the evening’s homework, expectations for the next day, and any last-minute reminders. Students also experience closure after a long and productive day of learning.

    While it is understandable that there are occasions when a child will arrive late or must leave early, everyone is encouraged to respect the FULL school day and make sure your child arrives on time and is in the classroom at 9:00 am and is able to remain in school all day right up to the 3:30 pm bell. We have a lot of work to do and a short amount of time in which to do it.

    Please remain aware of the importance of school attendance and ensure your child(ren) are at school on time every day. Let’s make this a great school year where growth is visible and all students are in school at least 90% of the time.


    The Anchorage School District considers tardiness a serious disruption to the education process not only for the late student but also for the other students in the class. Students who are not in their classroom by 9:00 a.m. will be marked tardy. If a child arrives after 9:00 am, they will need to go to the office to sign in and receive a tardy pass to take to their teacher. All exterior doors will be locked promptly at 9:05. Please use the front entry if you bring your child after the bell rings.