Dress Code Policy

  • Rilke Schule expressly does not have a school uniform intended to make all students look the same. We have a dress code that aims to promote a sense of belonging and pride in our school, respect for our educational environment, and to reduce any sense of inequality of personal dress.


    Basic Dress Code

    Students shall wear any solid color shirt, blouse, jumper, or dress, with or without the Rilke Schule logo, with a collar and sleeves; as well as pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts that are black, brown, grey, olive, navy blue, khaki or burgundy.  Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 may wear shirts and blouses with collars and sleeves that have stripes and plaids.  Official, unaltered Rilke Schule logo wear: t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are allowed to be worn any school day. Non-official Rilke logo wear hoodies are not allowed to be worn in the classroom at any time. Outdoor gear may not be worn in the classroom at any time, including snow pants, jackets, etc...

    In any area not specifically addressed below the ASD dress code applies including specifically guidelines of modest, non-offensive apparel, and proper appearance which is safe for school apply every school day.


    • Traditionally appropriate Dirndls, Lederhosen and Kniebundhosen may be worn on any day.
    • Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms are allowed on meeting days.
    • Students may wear dressy attire on the last Friday of each month.

    Theme Days and Jeans Fridays

    Any Friday may be delineated by Student Government as a themed dress day (with Principal approval), except the last Friday which is Dressy Friday;all Fridays shall be Jeans Fridays.  Students may wear jeans in lieu of the theme on any Student Government themed dress day.  Students may wear Rilke Schule logo T-shirts or shirts/blouses that meet the dress code on Jeans Fridays.  At least two-week’s notice must be given of any themed dress day.

    Field Trip Days

    Students are encouraged to wear tops with Rilke Schule logos when their class participates in a field trip outside the school.



    • Clothing must be clean and, if torn, well-mended.
    • All clothing must be appropriately sized, not more than one size larger or smaller than the student actually measures.
    • Skirts, skorts, shorts, jumpers, over-alls, and dresses cannot be shorter than three inches above the top of the knee.
    • Blinking sneakers are not allowed in the classroom but are acceptable as athletic shoes for Phys Ed.
    • Light, solid colored nail polish is allowed. Bright, vibrant, or dark nail polish and nail art is not allowed.
    • Light make-up is a privilege reserved for students in grades 6, 7, and 8.
    • Tights or socks of any color, design, or pattern should be worn at all times.
    • Leggings of any color, design, or pattern can be worn only underneath skirts, skorts, dresses, and jumpers.
    • Ties of any color, design, or pattern may be worn.
    • Mesh, fishnet, sheer, see-through, shiny, sequined, or noisy fabrics are not allowed.
    • Unnatural hair dye or bleach is not allowed.

    Where to get it!!

    Although Rilke Schule has a dress code rather than a required uniform, parents may find it easier and less expensive to buy certain items through a uniform catalog. There are a number of places that have suitable clothing:

    French Toast (www.frenchtoast.com) carries quality, reasonably priced items.
    Lands’ End School Uniforms will outfit your boys and girls in clothing that meets dress codes and exceeds expectations! Its very durable. Shop online at www.landsend.com/school. Take advantage of their 3% cash back program and use our school code 9001-2148-4 when ordering, and Rilke Schule will get credit.
    JC Penney also has quality dress code suitable clothing.

    We have our own Rilke Schule Used Clothing Exchange that we hold a few times a year as well. Save your outgrown, gently used uniform clothes for the exchange. Receive 'Rilke Bucks' for everything you donate that can be used for 'new' used clothing! Prices for the used clothing are $1 for tops, $2 for pants, shorts and skirts, and $3 for dresses, sweaters, jackets and shoes. The used clothing exchange is looking for a coordinator.