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    The object of the Committee shall be to uphold the philosophy of the Anchorage Basic Curriculum at Northern Lights ABC School as defined in the Approved Program Proposal and to advise, consult and assist the school's administrative staff on matters relating to the Program.

    Member General Responsibilities

    • Monthly meetings: about 1 and a half hours each
    • Announcing names at the assemblies: 2-3 times per year
    • Occasional special events, interviews, ABC Tour, Alternative Fair one Saturday in January, New Parents Welcome, etc
    • Advisory arm to management and resource for other parents
    • Liaison with the PTA: one ABC board member will attend PTA monthly meeting
    • Support and participate in school activities as a parent; this board is not intended to run activities and functions
    • Resource to parents and community to facilitate the understanding of the school’s philosophy
    • Resource to management to review curriculum, philosophy, assist with issues
    • Become knowledgeable about school policies/expectations and support them
    • Time commitment = approximately 20-30 hours for the school year