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    The GOAL of the T.I.G.E.R READING CLUB  is to encourage young readers to become avid and consistent recreational readers.

     **The Summer Reading Goal of 2,500 pages begins May 1st, and ends on August 31st. 

    **Normally reading logs are due to teachers on the first school day of the month. However, we will follow the schedule below until we return to school. Links to record students' pages read will be available on this page following the schedule below.


    Covid-19 Plan - Reading Log Due dates:

    Monthly page-entry form available to the 5th (click to enter)


    **Have previous pages to turn in too? No worries, there will be a space for them on each month's recording form. 

    **Scroll down for the details of the adapted Covid-19 Plan!


    Questions? Contact collins_alta@asdk12.org.

    **The Covid-19 Plan

    • Thank you for being patient with our volunteer crew. Covid-19 makes data collection/management a bit more challenging and time consuming :)
    • Total pages read can only be submitted electronically the first 5 calendar days of each month. The e-submission link will only be available for five days. Due dates and recognition Assembly dates for the year will be posted when we return to our physical school.
    • Pages can be e-submitted with the next month's page count if the deadline is missed.
    • Student logs will not be required by teachers until students return to the physical school, but T.R is based on the honor system. Thank you, parents, for verifying your student's page counts on their reading logs (even though logs are not submitted to teachers at this point) before entering the total pages read on the form provided each month.
    • Levels listed on the Tiger Reading Prize Level Chart above will be recognized in the school newsletter and at virtual RW&B Assemblies until school resumes.
    • Tiger Buck prizes will be "banked" by Ms. Collins until school resumes and they can be redeemed at the school store.
    • All months will be single-goal months until we return to school. Students who meet the monthly reading goal are awarded a Tiger Buck (which is “banked” at school). Leveled goals are listed on the Leveled Prize Chart. As possible, prizes that are NOT Tiger Bucks will be distributed to students.
    • Parents will not be automatically notified of each student's level or accumulated pages. If you would like to know your student's total page count or prize "banked" amount, please email Ms. Collins. Data is maintained on a separate computer, so please allow 48 hours for a response.