Welcome to the Nurse’s Station!

  • If The Nurse Calls You...

    The nurse’s office has limited space for sick children to wait for parents to pick them up. There have been times that a sick child has had to wait more than an hour to be picked up. If you are notified that your child needs to go home due to illness, please pick them up in a timely fashion. Also, to help limit the spread of infection, sick children need to be kept home and/or be picked up immediately.‌


    Did You Know? 


    Are very common during winter. Cold winter air can be very dry and irritating to the nostrils. If you get a nosebleed, stay calm, grab tissues and pinch your nostrils closed for about 5-10 minutes while breathing through your mouth. Lean a little bit forward to prevent blood from draining down the back of your throat. One way to prevent nosebleeds is by keeping the inside of your nose moist by using a cotton swab to gently smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly in your nostrils.


    Keep your child home when he/she has...


    - FEVER: A fever is a warning that the body is fighting an infection that could easily spread to others. A child with a temperature of 101 F should not be sent to school, he/she should stay home until fever free without the use of fever reducing medications like Tylenol.


    - COLDS: Are more difficult to assess. A slightly runny nose and occasional dry cough is not enough to keep your child home. However, if your child's nose runs constantly and/or the cough is frequent and wet, or your child is experiencing nausea or is too tired and uncomfortable to function at school, then it would be best to keep the child home for a day or two.


    -VOMITING/NAUSEA: Please keep your child home if he/she has vomited more than 2 times in 24 hours or also has a fever or if he/she looks or acts ill. 


    -COUGH: If your child has a severe cough, rapid and/or difficult breathing, wheezing, or bluish tint to the skin, or the cough is accompanied by a sore throat or not feeling well, the child should stay home from schoool.


    -EYES: Red, itchy eyes with a clear, yellow or green drainage from the eye may be contagious and a sign of bacterial contagious (pink eye). A child with pink eye can attend school as long as they are able to keep from touching their eyes and show that they can properly wash hands after contact with the infected eye.