School Parties and Celebrations

  • Schools have an extraordinary influence on the development of lifelong eating habits and other healthy lifestyle patterns. The occasions when students can practice making healthy food choices at school serve as opportunities to reinforce the nutrition knowledge learned in the classroom. Additionally, school parties are an opportunity to put food in its proper place as a complement to the fun and not as the main event. Find more information at

    Non-Food Ways to Celebrate

    • Donate a book to the school library or classroom in honor of the child’s birthday with a personalized gift acknowledgement plate inside
    • Donate playground/physical activity equipment- jump ropes, balls etc
    • Celebrate with active games chosen by the students
    • Have a dance party
    • Engage students in a special art project
    • Go for a fun run with the principal or local hero (fireman, mayor, athlete)

    Healthy Snack Ideas

    • Small bottles or cartons of flavored milk, 100% juice, smoothies and water
    • Fresh fruit tray – whole, wedges, slices (dip in orange juice to retain color)
    • Fresh vegetable tray (baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery sticks, cucumber spears, red and green bell pepper strips, cauliflower and broccoli florets) with reduced fat ranch or yogurt-based dip
    • String cheese, cheese cubes or slices with whole grain crackers
    • Low fat pudding cups, low fat yogurt squeeze packs or cups
    • Finger sandwiches or sliced wrap sandwich pinwheels
    • Pretzels, low fat popcorn, trail mix
    • Animal crackers, graham crackers, oatmeal raisin cookies
    • Mini muffins, banana bread slices, granola bar slices