Current 2019-2020 Members

    Parent Volunteer Executive Board
    WPG President:  Oona Martin 
    Vice-President:  Julie Calcote 
    Treasurer:  Barbara Amy 
    Secretary:  Kelly DuFort 
    Fundraising Mentor: Jessica Gardner

    *Note that we are actively looking for Event Chair(s) for WinterFaire and Auction Team members*
    WPG/WCC Liaison:  Jessie Menkens

    Parent Volunteer Class Representatives & Alternates
    (1 Vote per class.)

    Kindergarten Reps: Kelsey Budzak, Lauren Perry & Gaby Shelton
    1st Grade Reps:   VACANCY & VACANCY
    2nd Grade Reps:  Brenda & Brian Preble,  Calisa Kastning
    3rd Grade Reps:  Crystal Reeves & VACANCY
    4th Grade Reps:  Kira Rafuse & Lauren Perry
    5th Grade Reps:  Aubree Wattenbarger & VACANCY
    6th Grade Reps:  VACANCY & Kylara Hollingsworth
    7th Grade Reps:  Carl Battreall & VACANCY
    8th Grade Reps:  Michael Shepard & Lalia Bunn
    Hybrid Class:  VACANCY & VACANCY

    Faculty and Ex-Officio Positions
    Faculty Rep:  Lorrie Miner
    Recording Secretary:  Molly Towner (paid/shared with WCC/Faculty)
    Principal:  Julie Pepe-Phelps (non-voting)

    You can contact your class reps either in person or by replying to their email updates.   Or email us at winterberryparentguild@gmail.com with ideas, suggestions or to request information.

    The WPG meetings are at 6:00 p.m. at the school on the first Thursday of every month and everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as possible.  Check the Calendar for updates.