• Sarah Robicheaux, Handwork

    Ms.Sarah Robicheaux, Winterberry’s handwork instructor, grew up outside of Boston, and has made her way West and North through the years; from Colorado to Oregon and finally to Alaska with her husband, Todd, arriving in 1990. She holds an Associate of Science degree in Solar Engineering Technology from Colorado Technical College, and a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon. A licensed architect with 20 years of practice, she has made a rewarding and refreshing change in becoming the Handwork Instructor at Winterberry.

    Having practiced handwork starting at age seven she is skilled in knitting, spinning, felting, quilting, clothing sewing, embroidery, dying and more recently, crochet. She is happy to share these skills with the students of Winterberry as handwork is both a gift to the individual in the form of useful and meaningful skills and a gift to the community in the form of shared cultural tradition and connection. Throughout her life she has been drawn to visual composition and aesthetics, with fibrous materials being her primary means to express her love of pattern, color and appreciation for the richness and beauty of natural materials.

    Both of her children, Max and Mary, are Winterberry graduates. They attended Winterberry from its first year of operation through 8th grade. During that time, Sarah had an active role as a parent volunteer. Sarah loves her family, likes to ski, hike, grow veggies and pet her cats.


    Emily Baker, Spanish Teacher

    Emily Baker, Winterberry’s Spanish Teacher, was born in Anchorage and attended public education in the Anchorage School District. After graduating from Chugiak High School, Emily attended college at Western Washington University in Bellingham to study Spanish language and Humanities. As part of her undergraduate studies Emily spent six months in Cádiz, Spain with the University of Washington and traveling Europe.

    In 2008 Emily enrolled in the University of Alaska’s Masters in the Art of Teaching program and graduated in 2011. Her first teaching position with the Anchorage School District was teaching Spanish and Language Arts at Bartlett High School. Emily was at Bartlett for four years teaching elementary and advanced Spanish classes. When Emily saw that Winterberry was starting a Spanish program she was eager to learn more about Winterberry and its students.

    Emily is excited to begin her journey in Waldorf education. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, walking her dogs, hiking, singing, and reading. Emily currently lives in Chugiak with  two dogs, and a cat.


    Andrew Anderson, Movement Teacher

    Even as a small child Drew wanted to be a rock star. Lacking rock star good looks or any musical talent whatsoever he settled in on Winterberrty Movement teacher Because pro dodgeball isn’t a thing… It’s been over 8 years since my first day at Winterberry. I had picked up a one-day sub job. I remember being excited to check out the school since I knew one of the founding mothers and knew how excited she was about the school. That excitement turned to confusion as in, “What the heck is happening here?” and then nervousness as in “What am I going to tell the sweetest woman I know about her super strange school?” At the end of the day, the principal, Shanna, in her casual way, addressed me by name and asked if I would finish out the week. Sure the school was weird, but I could walk there and I spent most of the day outside. I accepted. As Shanna tells the story, by the end of the week I was singing kids down the hall. In the eight years since I first wandered through the willow fence I have done some awesome things, I traveled extensively on three continents, I guided on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, I bought a charter business and fished the Cook Inlet, I have hunted all over the state, I have shot in the general direction of many, many ducks, even hitting a few. While I have many great memories from those times, I’m my happiest, most engaged at Winterberry.


    Ricky Lind, Music Teacher


    Lorrie Miner, Special Education