• Winterberry Charter Council (WCC)


    • Purpose: The WCC is responsible for the governance of the school: ensuring the school operates according to its charter and exercises fiscal responsibility with public funds. The WCC operates on a consensus model. This Academic Policy Committee employs and manages a Principal/Administrator who, in turn, manages the faculty/ staff and the day-to-day operations of the school. The Principal/ Administrator meets with the WCC chair regularly and reports at the monthly meetings.
    • People: Winterberry is governed by an Academic Policy Committee known as the Winterberry Charter Council (WCC), consisting of up to 13 members (six parents of WCS, two faculty members, one faculty/staff member, three parent of WCS and/or community members and one parent member voted by Winterberry Parent Guild as "WPG Liason"). See WCC Bylaws for additional information. 
    • Meetings: 6-8 pm, third Thursday of each month at Winterberry during the school year. Everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as possible. Agendas are posted in advance of meetings. There is time allotted at every regular meeting for Community Comments


    Charter School Policies